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Re: Theos-World MastersLetters by Leadbeater

Oct 03, 2008 04:04 PM
by Cass Silva

Obviously the Master wasn't addressing HPB - 'you must find work for yourself'? The karma of 'willing obedience' ? Sounds like a lesson from the OT and nothing that would come out of a Masters mouth


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Subject: Theos-World MastersLetters by Leadbeater

When first I had the privilege of coming into somewhat closer touch 
with the Master, I asked Him in a letter what I should do. He 
answered to the following effect: "You must find work for yourself; 
you know what we are doing. Throw yourself into our work in any way 
you can. If I gave you a definite piece of work to do you would do 
it, but in that case the karma of what was done would be mine, 
because I told you to do it. You would have only the karma of willing 
obedience, which of course is very good, but it is not the karma 
initiating a fruitful line of action. I want you to initiate work for 
yourself, because then the karma of the good deed will come to you." 

132. I think we might all take that unto ourselves. We might 
realize that it is our business not to wait until we are asked to do 
something, but to set to work. There is a good deal of quite humble 
work to be done in connection with Theosophy. Often perhaps some of 
us would prefer the more spectacular part; we should like to stand up 
and deliver lectures in public to large audiences. We can generally 
find people who are willing to offer themselves for that; but there 
is a great deal of humdrum office work to be done in connection with 
our Society, and we do not always find so many volunteers for that. 
Reverence and love for our Masters will lead us to be willing to do 
anything whatever in Their service, however humble; and we may be 
sure that we are working in Their service when we are helping the 
Society which two of Them founded.


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