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TS - Disenfranchisement Plans

Oct 03, 2008 11:34 AM
by MKR

We all are having such a number of exchange of messages and opinions on the
drastic changes proposed to the TS Rules including disenfranchising members
from directly voting for the International President.

The secrecy with which the proposals were developed and speed with which it
was sought to be implemented before members could find out is simply
astounding. In addition to keeping this information secret from the members
they are supposed to represent, even after they became know publicly, no
attempt has been made to tell the members what they are trying to do, why
they sought to keep them very secret, and why there is a need for such

All the leaders are hunkering down and silent. I hope they are not dreaming
that by keeping quiet, all this commotion will die down and they can have
their own way and grab control of TS all the while professing they are doing
it for the welfare of TS and yours and mine.

With the rapid decline of membership, if these change plans are implemented
by hook or crook, then we will see the end of TS as we all have known all
these years. It is time for us all to speak up to convey what we feel about
the secret plans.


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