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Re: Theos-World Re: Is the whole proposal off the table?

Oct 02, 2008 09:23 AM
by MKR

Everything points to the fact that we all should be vigilant and talk to our
elected reps. Hope they listen and understand the severity of the situation,
because if this goes thru, then what next in store in their play book?


On 10/2/08, Anand <> wrote:
>   Dear Pedro,
> The information which you gave tells me that those four members of GC
> have not just asked to consider proposal, but they have requested to
> pass those resolution in the GC meeting. And it appears that they are
> quite serious about it.
> Rule 5 (a) makes it compulsory to include such proposal in the agenda
> of GC meeting. But as per my information it is not included in the
> agenda of next meeting. Is it because you have three months to include
> it in the agenda? If it is so, then that means in next meeting such
> proposal will surely come. And that means this dangerous proposal is
> very much in the process.
> Best
> Anand Gholap
> > Not being an expert in the international Rules of the TS, I would like
> > to offer a view on this matter. Below is the text of Betty Bland's
> > message to the International Secretary of the TS at Adyar:
> >
> > "Under the provisions of international rules 5 and 49, I request and
> > move that the attached be included as a resolution in the agenda of
> > the next meeting of the General Council. I am joined in this request
> > by other members of the Council: Wies Kuiper, Kim-Dieu, and John Algeo."
> >
> > I reproduce below the text of Rules 5 and 49 of the Rules of The
> > Theosophical Society:
> >
> > "5. Resolutions
> >
> > (a) On the request of any member of the General Council any resolution
> > or other item of business proposed by such member shall be placed on
> > the Agenda, and circulated with brief supporting statements, for
> > consideration at the next meeting of the General Council, provided
> > that not less than three months' notice of such resolution or item of
> > business shall be given to the Secretary."
> >
> > "49. Changes in Rules and Regulations
> >
> > The General Council, of their own motion or on the motion of the
> > Executive Committee and after at least three months' notice has been
> > given to each member of said Council, may, by a three-fourths vote of
> > those members who vote in person, in writing, or by proxy, make, alter
> > or repeal the Rules and Regulations of the Society, in such manner as
> > it may deem expedient."
> >
> > Now the document Betty Bland sent as an attachment to her message to
> > the Secretary of the TS is headed "DRAFT PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE
> > SOCIETY'S RULES AND REGULATIONS". Thanks to you, people can see the
> > proposals here:
> >
> >
> >
> > If you read the Proposed Amendments they are not just a "Resolution" -
> > they are in fact proposals to substantially change the Rules and
> > Regulations of the TS. Now Rule 49 clearly states that only the
> > General Council as a whole, or the Executive Committee, whose members
> > are appointed by the GC every year, can move such a change, which then
> > needs to be approved by a three-fourths vote. The proposed amendments
> > were sent to the Secretary of the TS with the support of four members
> > of the General Council which is composed of 37 members.
> >
> > The General Council's decisions over the decades have been balanced
> > and sober, although perhaps unpopular to some. This must be so because
> > it is the governing body of the TS and the guardian of its Rules and
> > Regulations.
> >
> >
> > Pedro
> >

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