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Re: Theos-World Re: International Scenery

Oct 02, 2008 06:49 AM
by Erica Letzerich

Dear friends,

After all we witnessed we can clearly see two currents in the T.S..Those who support Algeo and his ideas in terms of changes for the Theosophical Society. Those who support Radha and Adyar (I am not saying Algeo is against Adyar). But there is a conflict and this is clear.

As far as I know Radha wants to keep the traditional line so to say: International Presidents must reside in Adyar. Members should not lose their right to vote, must be in the President's hands to decide who will or not will to reside in Adyar etc.  

Algeo believes an International President do not need to be living in India. International President alone should not decide who will be resident in Adyar, members are not in position to vote etc. Its claimed that apparently  there is not a balance in the voting process due to the large membership in India. So
 the India Section is the one that mainly will determine who will be the next international president. Something that I believe has not much base, for if a better work would have been done in the American Section, not only one thousand members would have voted out of four thousand (dont remember the exact number) .

Anyways the division is installed and is a present reality in the international scenery of the T.S..  All the present propositions are clear envisioning to reduce the President's power, consequently leaving more power in the hands of the council whose majority seems to support Algeo. So its of interest for Algeo and his supporters such changes in the international  by-laws.

What they did not expect though is that with this proposal, they could lose a lot of their current support in the International Council of the T.S.. Actually this I think was the result. If not a lot...some for sure they lost. So yes was
 strategically a wrong move. Currently this is what is all about. strategical moves, lots but a lot of backstage talking and also a lot of backstabbing. This is the current international scenery expressing simply how ugly is  human nature.

The scenario was already installed when I arrived in Adyar in 2007. Everyone knew except the President herself. I think some more compassion, respect and cooperation should be expressed. We don't know how many years Radha will still be with us. 




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