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Re: Why did Blavatsky materialize fake Mahatma Letters?

Oct 02, 2008 06:40 AM
by christinaleestemaker

So far for Science -- as much as we know of it. As for human nature 
in general, it is the
same now as it was a million of years ago: Prejudice based upon 
selfishness; a general
unwillingness to give up an established order of things for new modes 
of life and thought
-- and occult study requires all that and much more --; pride and 
stubborn resistance to
Truth if it but upsets their previous notions of things, -- such are 
the characteristics of
your age, and especially of the middle and lower classes. What then 
would be the results
of the most astounding phenomena, supposing we consented to have them 
However successful, danger would be growing proportionately with 
success. No choice
would soon remain but to go on, ever crescendo, or to fall in this 
endless struggle with
prejudice and ignorance killed by your own weapons. Test after test 
would be required
and would have to be furnished; every subsequent phenomenon expected 
to be more
marvellous than the preceding one. Your daily remark is, that one 
cannot be expected to
believe unless he becomes an eye-witness. Would the lifetime of a man 
suffice to satisfy
the whole world of skeptics? It may be an easy matter to increase the 
original number of
believers at Simla to hundreds and thousands. But what of the 
hundreds of millions of
those who could not be made eye-witnesses? The ignorant -- unable to 
grapple with the
invisible operators -- might some day vent their rage on the visible 
agents at work; the
higher and educated classes would go on disbelieving as ever, tearing 
you to shreds as
before. In common with many, you blame us for our great secrecy. Yet 
we know
something of human nature for the experience of long centuries -- 
aye, ages -- has taught
us. And, we know, that so long as science has anything to learn, and 
a shadow of
religious dogmatism lingers in the hearts of the multitudes, the 
world's prejudices have to
be conquered step by step, not at a rush. As hoary antiquity had more 
than one Socrates
so the dim Future will give birth to more than one martyr. 
Enfranchised science
contemptuously turned away her face from the Copernican opinion 
renewing the theories
of Aristarchus Samius -- who "affirmeth that the earth moveth 
circularly about her centre" years before the Church sought to 
sacrifice Galileo as a holocaust to the Bible.

Letter 1     Koot Hoomi Lal Singh.

 In theos-, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> Blavatsky could materialize cup and soccer using occult powers. She
> also might have materialized Mahatma Letters. Most people in the
> Theosophical Society assume that all Mahatma Letters are genuine
> messages from the Masters by giving reasons that handwriting 
> they appeared in miraculous ways etc. But the fact is just as
> Blavatsky materialized cup and soccer, she could materialize Mahatma
> Letters. And to support Blavatsky's own opinions, she materialized
> Mahatma Letters carrying her own thoughts. This possibility is not
> considered by even most studious members of the TS.
> Style of writing and contradictions in Mahatma Letters suggest a
> strong possibility that many of the Mahatma Letters were not having
> thoughts of the Masters, but were carrying thoughts of Blavatsky
> pretending to be thoughts of Masters.
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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