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Why did Blavatsky materialize fake Mahatma Letters?

Oct 02, 2008 00:14 AM
by Anand

Blavatsky could materialize cup and soccer using occult powers. She
also might have materialized Mahatma Letters. Most people in the
Theosophical Society assume that all Mahatma Letters are genuine
messages from the Masters by giving reasons that handwriting matches,
they appeared in miraculous ways etc. But the fact is just as
Blavatsky materialized cup and soccer, she could materialize Mahatma
Letters. And to support Blavatsky's own opinions, she materialized
Mahatma Letters carrying her own thoughts. This possibility is not
considered by even most studious members of the TS.
Style of writing and contradictions in Mahatma Letters suggest a
strong possibility that many of the Mahatma Letters were not having
thoughts of the Masters, but were carrying thoughts of Blavatsky
pretending to be thoughts of Masters.
Anand Gholap

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