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HPB on the Esoteric Section and Her Esoteric Teachings

Oct 01, 2008 11:11 PM
by danielhcaldwell

In a recent posting of mine, I quoted HPB's words on Adyar which she 
wrote in 1890.  

In this posting, I excerpt again the following highly significant 
words of HPB from that SAME 1890 statement:

...I was enabled and encouraged by the devotion of an ever-increasing 
number of members to the Cause and to Those who guide it, to 
establish an Esoteric Section, in which I can teach something of what 
I have learned to those who have confidence in me, and who prove this 
confidence by their disinterested work for Theosophy and the T.S. For 
the future, then, it is my intention to devote my life and energy to 
the E.S., and to the teaching of those whose confidence I retain.

For readers and students who would like to know more about the 
Esoteric Section or School and the teachings that HPB gave to the 
members of her school, I recommend the following two webpages which 
give access to much important information:

For more background on my compilation of HPB's esoteric papers, see 

The Publication of HPB's Esoteric Papers


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