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Oct 01, 2008 06:58 PM
by MKR

Some TS members have sent me e-mails giving their views and opinion and
suggestions based on the various messages posted here and have suggested my
sharing them with others. Since most of my msgs are posted here, I have in
turn, suggested that since some of them will trigger a lot of interest and
responses, it would be best that they are posted here under their own names
(not under pseudonyms) so that we can have meaningful exchanges and that may
lead to possible solutions to various organizational issues. I am hoping
that they will follow thru and we will have very interesting discussions in
days to come. So keep tuned.

What is amazing is that leadership continue to keep away from this maillist
in spite of the fact that there is no other active maillist where TS issues
can be discussed in real time. Experience here will also be a good hands-on
training ground which will help them when, in future,  Internet is used by
TS for interactive discussions. There is no way to avoid Internet, since it
is an essential component of today's world.


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