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Re: Off Topic Your Collegue Rupert Sheldrake

Oct 01, 2008 06:58 PM
by Augoeides-222

   Have been waiting for you to post. Here is  link about Rupert Shedrake being stabbed in the foot by a maniac:



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From: Leon Maurer <> 
Soul, as a single unity, is the initial highest frequency phase order 
triune electrodynamic field(s) surrounding and permeating the entire 
universe (on the macrocosmic level) -- as well as, analogously, the 
human body (on the microcosmic level). It's zero-point center of 
origin (located in the central "Naval" chakra) is the basis of human 
consciousness -- as well as the source of the chi energy of Chinese 
healing and martial arts. It is analogous to the initial spiritual 
field of cosmogenesis -- that emanates and radiates out of a zero- 
point of Universal (as well as individual human) consciousness. See 
illustrations on "canonizer" web page** below, or:

These integral triune fields (like twin bubbles within a bubble) 
together, are the relatively eternal "monad" or the human soul... 
With the twin inner fields representing the higher, spiritual aspect, 
and the lower, the mental aspect. These initial triune fields, 
representing the higher ego or self consciousness on both the cosmic 
and the human level, analogously involve fractally, down to the 
lowest order physical energy fields that constitute the fundamental 
particle/waves and their atomic, molecular and compound inorganic and 
or organic material forms that make up the cosmos (galaxies, stars, 
etc.), as well as the human bodies (cells, organs, etc.).

For an outline (along with graphic illustrations) of how all this 
occurs... Starting with cosmogenesis -- and analogously reflected in 
our individualized anthropogenesis (on the 4th world physical 
plane)... See: ** (scroll down 
page to bottom)

The human soul, then, is an analog (or reflection) of the universal 
soul... And, since the fractal nature of all energy fields, 
originating at ubiquitous zero-points of absolute space, indicate 
that the entire universe is a hologram -- it's, therefore, possible 
for the human soul and its zero-point of individual consciousness to 
merge with the universal soul. This, apparently, can be done in deep 
meditation -- called "Samadhi" or "Nirvana" by the Eastern 
philosopher/scientists/yogis... And, since the higher order spiritual/ 
mental fields do not dissipate after death of the physical body, as 
well as (after a short time, 49 days according to the Tibetan 
Buddhists) the lower order "astral" fields -- reincarnation is a 
logical possibility. In addition, this fractal involved field 
structure of fundamental reality can explain all near death and out 
of body experiences, as well as all possible and/or reported psi 

While this model of fundamental reality is consistent with all solid, 
non Euclidean, as well as Kaluza-Klein hyperspace manifold 
geometries, and is based on the cyclic laws underlying and governing 
all the laws of nature inherent in fundamental zero-point spin (as 
the root of zero-point energy [ZPE] on the physical level, as well as 
all fundamental particle-waves) -- it does not contradict the 
theories of relativity, nor any of the proven (or yet unproved) 
dynamics of quantum and string theories.

All that these theories need in order to consolidate and become a 
true "unified field theory of everything" -- is to recognize 
consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, etc.) as being a fundamental 
aspect (quality) of Absolute space located everywhere in the Planck 
vacuum (or "aether," as described by Einstein in his 1929 Leyden 
lecture). In this view (based on Einstein's claim that "energy is 
space in motion") -- all fundamental particles are proposed to be 
spherical standing waves of total space (rooted in fundamental spin) 
surrounding a zero-point of pure consciousness. Thus, even the 
photon must be conscious on a fundamental root level -- although, 
without a phenomenally conscious "soul" (or self awareness).

Leon Maurer

On Mon Sep 29, 2008 3:04 pm ((PDT) "rybo6" os_jbug wrote:

Meera, ok so soul is not a collection of things, so what exactly is it?

Is soul consciousness or is soul just a name as it "it is the is the
other name of consciounesss"?

So soul is consciousness with a differrent name?

On Sep 29, 2008, at 8:10 AM, Meera wrote:


It is the body that is the conjunction/conglomeration of all the
five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The soul isnt
the conglomeration of anything. In fact it is the other name of
Consciousness in Indian context.


[] On Behalf Of rybo6
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 6:34 PM
Subject: Re: [WEDconsc] soul

Meera, maybe Indians are refering to an alledged n toroidal electro-
magnetic field that emanates from and returns to the body. See
heart math link.

We also have smells that emanate from the body, maybe that, in
conjunction with EMR/F is Indian soul.

We also have carbon dioxide and water and other molecules that
emanate from the body, may it is the conjunction of all of those
that is Indian soul.

There was a move called Golden Compass where a persons soul was in
another animal.

If so, did that animal have a soul to begin with and if so, did it
reside in the animal or was it in soul of another animal, including
any human animal.



On Sep 29, 2008, at 7:29 AM, Meera wrote:

As many of you will be knowing , Soul in Indian Philosophy is
something distinct from the body.


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