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Re: Theos-World TS at a Critical Juncture

Oct 01, 2008 04:33 PM
by MKR

Now it is most serious.


On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 6:19 PM, Cass Silva <> wrote:

>   TS was in a critical situation the moment Besant and Leadbeater took
> over - since then it has been virtually downhill all the way
> Cass
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> From: MKR < <>>
> To: M K Ramadoss < <>>
> Sent: Wednesday, 1 October, 2008 12:47:23 PM
> Subject: Theos-World TS at a Critical Juncture
> September 30, 2008
> Dear Brothers and Sisters:
> The current situation in TS is far more critical than meets the eye. Let me
> go over why I came to this conclusion.
> Look around Internet and you will not be able to find the current TS rules
> online in any official website. So, outside of the GC, we have no means of
> knowing what the current rules are. This is contrary to what used to happen
> during Olcott's time.
> In 1896 when the rules were revised, Olcott issued an Executive Order which
> stated:
> *
> "The undersigned publishes for the information of members the text of Rules
> revised and adopted this day."
> *(Note this was addressed to members.)
> When have you seen such a statement in recent times? Rules have been
> changed/modified as recent as 2006, and we do not know what the changes are
> and why. There was no announcement of the changes either. In the Internet
> age, it is very easy, cheap and quick to distribute this kind of
> information. They are not confidential information that need to be
> restricted to the GC members only.
> Let me quote Rule 3, (I copied from Katinka's website) which is very
> important:
> +++++
> 3. Removal of General Council members and officers
> *
> It shall be competent for the General Council to remove any of its members,
> or any officer of the Society excepting the President of the Theosophical
> Society and excepting the General Secretaries of National Societies, by a
> three-fourths majority or its whole number of members, at a special meeting
> called for the purpose, of which at least three months' notice shall have
> been given, the quorum consisting, however, of not fewer than five members.
> *
> +++++
> This means President and General Secretaries cannot be removed by GC.
> Whoever put this rule had great foresight.
> Recently a proposal was sent to the GC in greatest secrecy. Its aim is to
> change the rules upside down and also disenfranchise members from directly
> voting for the International President. The plan of the proposers is to get
> them adopted in December 2008 meeting before members had a chance to find
> out. Due to the good luck of the TS, the cat was out of the bag and we are
> discussing them, courtesy of Internet.
> If you accept the premise that GC is all powerful and can change any rule
> at
> its whim, then we are in a dangerous slippery slope. Next change can be
> that
> the International President, can also be removed by the GC for any reason.
> Such a change will make the GC dictatorial and feared body and the
> President
> would end up as its puppet. It would be disastrous to TS.
> The proposed rule changes need to be seen in the light of recent historical
> perspective.
> In the recent International President election, a well coordinated effort
> was made by some to defeat Radhaji, by spreading erroneous information that
> she not be elected because she is physically and mentally sick. Even when
> incontrovertible evidence was publicly presented to disprove it, no effort
> was made to correct the erroneous information so that members would have
> correct information. Fortunately, Radhaji was elected with a wide margin.
> After the election, I have not seen the losing candidate PUBLICLY
> congratulating Radhaji and wholeheartedly committing to cooperate and
> support her in her job.. I live in the USA, and it is a longtime tradition
> even among bitter rival candidates to come out openly and in public to
> congratulate and support the winner. This is amazing. I am just giving you
> the facts. You can come to your own conclusion.
> Recently we all were surprised that a proposal containing radical and
> fundamental changes were developed in great secrecy and was sent to the GC
> to be considered and approved in the December 2008 meeting. Accidentally
> the
> proposal came out to the public to the shock of everyone and if it had been
> approved, it would be a disaster to the TS and its future.
> It is to be noted here that the leaders who are behind the radical rule
> change proposal mentioned above are the same ones who supported the losing
> candidate and also tried to defeat Radhaji by spreading erroneous
> information on her health.
> I am presenting the above so that all of us can see the landscape ourselves
> and come to our own conclusion. Members' action is needed now.
> Also, all of the above point to one thing and one thing only. The immediate
> need for full transparency. Tranparency will be a protection against ill
> conceived actions of elected officials which can destroy TS as we know it.
> If members, you and me, are not extra vigilant, decisions will be taken
> behind our backs and we will become powerless to do anything, other than
> leaving the TS.
> In my humble opinion, it is time for us to wake up and contact our elected
> officials and let them know your concerns and urge them the need for
> immediate action before it is too late.
> Fraternally yours, M K Ramadoss, Member TS, San Antonio, Texas USA Note:
> You
> are free to disseminate and distribute this message to others, in whole or
> in part in any manner you deem necessary. FURTHER INFORMATION:
> ------------ ----- After the TS President Elections 2008
> *http://www.teozofij _gibanje/ After_Elections_
> 2008.htm*<http://www.teozofij _gibanje/ After_Elections_
> 2008.htm>
> *http://www.squidoo. com/theosophical -organisation- 08*<
> http://www.squidoo. com/theosophical -organisation- 08>
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