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Re: Theos-World TS at a Critical Juncture

Oct 01, 2008 04:19 PM
by Cass Silva

TS was in a critical situation the moment Besant and Leadbeater took over - since then it has been virtually downhill all the way


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Subject: Theos-World TS at a Critical Juncture

September 30, 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The current situation in TS is far more critical than meets the eye. Let me
go over why I came to this conclusion.


Look around Internet and you will not be able to find the current TS rules
online in any official website. So, outside of the GC, we have no means of
knowing what the current rules are. This is contrary to what used to happen
during Olcott's time.

In 1896 when the rules were revised, Olcott issued an Executive Order which

"The undersigned publishes for the information of members the text of Rules
revised and adopted this day."
*(Note this was addressed to members.)

When have you seen such a statement in recent times? Rules have been
changed/modified as recent as 2006, and we do not know what the changes are
and why. There was no announcement of the changes either. In the Internet
age, it is very easy, cheap and quick to distribute this kind of
information. They are not confidential information that need to be
restricted to the GC members only.


Let me quote Rule 3, (I copied from Katinka's website) which is very


3. Removal of General Council members and officers

It shall be competent for the General Council to remove any of its members,
or any officer of the Society excepting the President of the Theosophical
Society and excepting the General Secretaries of National Societies, by a
three-fourths majority or its whole number of members, at a special meeting
called for the purpose, of which at least three months' notice shall have
been given, the quorum consisting, however, of not fewer than five members.


This means President and General Secretaries cannot be removed by GC.
Whoever put this rule had great foresight.


Recently a proposal was sent to the GC in greatest secrecy. Its aim is to
change the rules upside down and also disenfranchise members from directly
voting for the International President. The plan of the proposers is to get
them adopted in December 2008 meeting before members had a chance to find
out. Due to the good luck of the TS, the cat was out of the bag and we are
discussing them, courtesy of Internet.

If you accept the premise that GC is all powerful and can change any rule at
its whim, then we are in a dangerous slippery slope. Next change can be that
the International President, can also be removed by the GC for any reason.
Such a change will make the GC dictatorial and feared body and the President
would end up as its puppet. It would be disastrous to TS.


The proposed rule changes need to be seen in the light of recent historical

In the recent International President election, a well coordinated effort
was made by some to defeat Radhaji, by spreading erroneous information that
she not be elected because she is physically and mentally sick. Even when
incontrovertible evidence was publicly presented to disprove it, no effort
was made to correct the erroneous information so that members would have
correct information. Fortunately, Radhaji was elected with a wide margin.

After the election, I have not seen the losing candidate PUBLICLY
congratulating Radhaji and wholeheartedly committing to cooperate and
support her in her job.. I live in the USA, and it is a longtime tradition
even among bitter rival candidates to come out openly and in public to
congratulate and support the winner. This is amazing. I am just giving you
the facts. You can come to your own conclusion.

Recently we all were surprised that a proposal containing radical and
fundamental changes were developed in great secrecy and was sent to the GC
to be considered and approved in the December 2008 meeting. Accidentally the
proposal came out to the public to the shock of everyone and if it had been
approved, it would be a disaster to the TS and its future.

It is to be noted here that the leaders who are behind the radical rule
change proposal mentioned above are the same ones who supported the losing
candidate and also tried to defeat Radhaji by spreading erroneous
information on her health.


I am presenting the above so that all of us can see the landscape ourselves
and come to our own conclusion. Members' action is needed now.


Also, all of the above point to one thing and one thing only. The immediate
need for full transparency. Tranparency will be a protection against ill
conceived actions of elected officials which can destroy TS as we know it.
If members, you and me, are not extra vigilant, decisions will be taken
behind our backs and we will become powerless to do anything, other than
leaving the TS.

In my humble opinion, it is time for us to wake up and contact our elected
officials and let them know your concerns and urge them the need for
immediate action before it is too late.

Fraternally yours, M K Ramadoss, Member TS, San Antonio, Texas USA Note: You
are free to disseminate and distribute this message to others, in whole or
in part in any manner you deem necessary. FURTHER INFORMATION:

------------ ----- After the TS President Elections 2008

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