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Re: Is the whole proposal off the table?

Oct 01, 2008 12:58 PM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

Erica told already earlier (see the link below) that the amendments 
have not been included on the agenda. It seems that this is the 
information that the General Secretaries have gotten.

What is the reason for that? Didn't the proposals come on time til 
the end of September? In my opinion all issues must be discussed even 
if they were not well formulated or thought. Anton is right, we don't 
want anarchy.

There must be transparency. If the members of the General Council or 
Executive Committee don't want to discuss issues here, they must 
found a site where they tell what is going on.

I claim there is a very big transparency problem in both "camps". 
Strangely and sadly, Algeo's camp didn't discuss the amendments 
beforehand, not even with other General Council members, not to 
mention ordinary members. The administration camp in Adyar is even 
more closed.

Here are the letters that were sent by John Algeo and Joy Mills to 
the Executive Committee:

I am told that the Executive Committee never replied to these 
letters. Is it true? How could it be possible?

And who is the new International Secretary mentioned by Algeo in his 
statement? Why has his/her name not been told?

We need new people to lead the TS! This whole mess would not have 
occurred if there had been openness. If there will not be more 
openness pretty soon, I believe there will be many people who will 
leave the TS.

Openness and peace,

Sampsa, just a member from Finland

--- In, "Anton Rozman" <anton_rozman@...> 

> Nevertheless what we think about one of the amendments and about 
> way in which they were proposed the fact is that they were 
> according to the TS Rules and Regulations. If the proceedings will 
> not be respected, than even greater chaos will be created. 
> Should we not rather hope and help that solid arguments are put on 
> the table against the adoption of this amendment. But to achieve 
> some serious discussion must be encouraged, maybe some 
> expert opinion acquired, instead of tons of emotional and populist 
> words thrown in the ether - although it is understandable that 
> members are afraid that they will lose their last illusion that 
> really have any influence in the present situation at the TS 
> Headquarters.

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