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Re: Theos-World Re: Fanaticism in the 21st century

Oct 01, 2008 11:24 AM
by Erica Letzerich

            Dear friends,

Today I was called to the T.S. office to talk with a group of persons 

interested on theosophy. They live in a very small Greek island, which has a

very strong Christian orthodox community. The Island is quite famous, and I cannot mention the name here. 

They all became members of the T.S. today and are also interested in creating an official group or lodge there. After almost four hours chat with them, it was decided the following in case they create an official group or lodge: 

1 - Their group or lodge must not be announced in our magazine or web-site.

2 - Letters send to them, must not have the symbol of the T.S. on the envelope.

3 - Letters send to them must not have the name of the T.S. on the envelope,

but be send on personal names.

4 - Any person from that island who might contact us, and have interest for

theosophy, we must first send them the name of the person, before tell the

person there is a theosophical group or lodge there

5 - Copies of application forms for membership must be taken by us and send by us to them .They cannot make copies of any material in that island for others would see it.

Now the Island where they live is really but really a very strong Christian

Orthodox place, and they fear not for themselves but for their family, which

would face endless problems if the community would find out their kids are theosophists. The population of the Island during winter might be around 1.000.

So after they left I was alone at the T.S. office reflecting and I also remembered the episode of Radha's visit to Greece in 2005. After 50 years the T.S. organized a public event here. Oh well, fanatic Christians could not let this opportunity to pass in blank and made a DVD with images of all famous theosophists H.P.B. and others, and the symbol of the T.S. accusing us of Satanists and so on. At the end of Radha's lecture they distribute it for every person that left the lecture hall. 

Now my father and mother in law, do not know me and my husband are in the T.S.. Or even worst that their daughter in law (me actually) took their only son to the T.S... And the same happens with many T.S. members here in Greece. Unfortunately the church is still very strong in this country. Actually on their official web-site they have a list of Heretic organizations and the T.S. is considered the most dangerous.

Unfortunately fanaticism is still alive and very strong, and many theosophists have to deal with the most incredible situations, to go on with their work. I just wish my best for our new group of theosophists, from the small Greek island.   






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