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Theos-World Re: Anand Gholap formula for General Council composition

Oct 01, 2008 09:45 AM
by Anand

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Let me mention my recent experience in the USA. Our district has two
> directors. They represent a couple of hundred members. I sent a
e-mail last
> week. Till now, I have not even received an ack from them. 

If it is a democracy, then non-performing officers should get defeated. 
Even if that disastrous proposal about disenfranchisement might be off
the table now, members can not relax. Those interested in grabbing the
power will try to include that proposal again. Now is the time that
all members should be told about the unethical proposal and officers
behind it. If all members know about it and protest, something will be
done to permanently thwart such attempts.
As I see, if these few individuals are to be stopped from hijacking
the TS in future, changes in the composition of the General Council
are necessary. If proportional representation was there, then
constitution will have in built safety. 
Right now attempts to hijack the TS are being done by individuals who
represent just few hundred members of the TS, but who are getting too
much rights. Present constitution is defective because it gives too
much power to some GC members who represent just a few hundred members
of the TS.
The GC must have representatives proportional to the membership in
each country. This is the only permanent solution to thwart attempts
to hijack TS in future. This permanent solution is required because
members can  not keep on worrying about such attempts all the time.
Another change required in the working is proposals, agendas and
minutes of all meetings must be published online for the information
of members.
In America and India and such countries with values, maximum
information is disclosed to common people. In India, even parliament
proceeding are broadcast live through TV channels. We also have Right
to Information act which is meant to give maximum information to people. 
In America, when any meeting happens, most of the information is
immediately given to people. President of America himself appears in
news conference and gives information about what he discussed. Not
only that, he gives answers to questions put to him. TS must evolve
and and create an information system, which will publish the
information soon. Why doesn't Genereal Council work on such
constructive proposals, and instead keeps on devising power grabbing
proposals ?

Anand Gholap

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