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Re: Is the whole proposal off the table?

Oct 01, 2008 07:47 AM
by Anton Rozman

Katinka and all,

Do you really hope that the Executive Committee will infringe the TS 
Rules and Regulations? 

Now the situation is created in which TS members encourage members of 
the Executive Committee to continue to act illegally. This is 
perverted situation. 

Nevertheless what we think about one of the amendments and about the 
way in which they were proposed the fact is that they were submitted 
according to the TS Rules and Regulations. If the proceedings will 
not be respected, than even greater chaos will be created. 

Should we not rather hope and help that solid arguments are put on 
the table against the adoption of this amendment. But to achieve that 
some serious discussion must be encouraged, maybe some constitutional 
expert opinion acquired, instead of tons of emotional and populist 
words thrown in the ether - although it is understandable that 
members are afraid that they will lose their last illusion that they 
really have any influence in the present situation at the TS 

More over, results of your poll show that there is high percentage of 
support for other amendments in the package which tends to improve 
the management of the TS.

But I am afraid that in this overheated situation we are missing some 
important issues: will the General Council discuss and adopt new 
policy for the coming years, will the General Council discuss and 
meet the demands for greater transparency and communication, will the 
General Council establish its own constitutional role and that of the 
Executive Committee, and so on. But maybe this is what all is about.

Warmest regards,

--- In, "Katinka Hesselink" <mail@...> 
> One of my informants told me the proposal we have been talking about
> recently ( see:
08 )
> is off the table. That is: it has not been included in the agenda 
> the General Council meeting, even though it has been submitted in 
> This gives us some idea of the way our officers in the executive
> council work together. 
> However, it also means that our right to vote stands and seems
> unlikely to even be officially contested. 
> I hope my information is correct. 
> Katinka Hesselink

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