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Re: Letter to the General Council - New Zealand

Sep 30, 2008 02:41 AM
by Anton Rozman

This is really sound perspective and constructive proposal!

>In the TS I see more acrimony, disharmony, low emotional level 
attacks, lack of respect and lack of the first object of the Society -
 Brotherhood, than I have seen in my 40 years political activity and 
work in other organizations. If any group should rise above such 
negativity and lack of respect surely it is the Theosophical Society?<

I completely share this view on the ground of my experience with the 
work in unions and other societies.

>There is a complete lack of democratic organization at the 
International level. ? The present structure is Victorian, out of 
time and clearly creaking at the joints. ? I have a positive possible 
solution for TS leadership which would help solve the root of the 
present problem.<

I see the reason for complete lack of democratic organization because 
present structure doesn't reflect the system indicated in the TS 
Rules and Regulations. That system was never fully implemented, so it 
is probably hard to say that it is outdated. What I like in him is 
that in essence it is, in my view, very simple, elegant and balanced. 
But maybe it is true that there would be harder to try to make that 
system work than implement some new overall and innovative solutions. 
I am looking forward to see the proposal.

Thank you very much and warmest regards,

--- In, "Erica Letzerich" <eletzerich@...> 
> Dear friends,
> Letter sent to the members of the General Council by Warwick Keys' 
> General Secretary of T.S. in New Zealand. 
> To read it please visit the link below:
> Erica

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