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Re: Anand Gholap formula for General Council composition

Sep 30, 2008 00:48 AM
by Anand

If the composition of the General Council was what I proposed earlier,
the current crisis of hijacking of TS would not have been possible. It
is because in my proposal I am giving power to sufficiently large
number of people. And even if few among GC would try to hijack TS,
there would remain many others in the GC who can stop them from acting
I think to permanently avoid danger of hijacking is in changing the
composition as I had proposed. 
Another thing is some GC members can keep secrecy, but if there are
150 members in the GC, there will be many GC members who will keep
ordinary TS members informed about meeting agendas and discussions in
GC council.
Anand Gholap

--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> Here is my formula for general council composition which will make
> General Council much more sound, just and effective.
> If size of the General Council is too small TS can become victim of
> the whims of few individuals. Larger size enables more balanced
> decision making. 
> One representative should come to the General Council for every 200
> ordinary members of the TS.
> Membership in India is 13,000.  
> 13,000 divided by 200 is 65. So India should send 65 representatives
> to the General Council.
> America has around 5000 members. 5000 divided by 200 is 25. So America
> should send 25 representatives to the General Council.
> Similarly total membership of the TS is 30000.
> 30,000 divided by 200 is 150. So total representative in the GC should
> be 150.
> While decision making, each representative will have one vote.
> Due to proportionate representation in the General Council, some
> countries may not be able to send one full member to the GC. For
> example Greek section might be eligible to send only half the
> representative to the GC. In such case that country may send one full
> member to the GC, but such member shall not have voting rights. Only a
> full member should vote.
> Reason why all countries should be eligible to send at least one
> representative is they can present their country specific problems to
> the General Council and
> their views will at least be heard.
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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