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Re: Theos-World Re: TS Rule Changes

Sep 29, 2008 07:11 AM
by MKR

Here are my views interspersed in the body of the message.



On 9/29/08, Anton Rozman <> wrote:
>   Dear Ramadoss and all,
> I would expect that the information about the GC and EC sessions,
> their agendas and minutes, the TS Rules and their changes, the TS
> policy and other relevant information is procured to the members by
> TS administration and not by individual GC members.

MKR: The GS are our representatives. It is their duty to keep their members
informed. GSs are members of GC. So, they are not doing what they are
expected to do.

>   Now, three months after the elections, we didn't get any information
> from the TS Headquarters. We don't know who, besides the President,
> newly nominated or appointed TS officers are.

MKR: Did you inquire with your GS? They should have provided this info on a
timely basis, which is very easy to do with Internet.

>   It seems that administration doesn't react even to the initiatives of
> former Vice-Presidents.

MKR: I am not sure which initiatives you are referring to. We have discussed
transparency. These issues should have been broadcast to membership even
before submitting. It is easy and free. They could have have posted it here
in a second for free.  Have you seen any of the leaders on this maillist.
Looks like there is an unwritten code among the leaders not to talk on this
maillist. The only exception was Einar Adelsteinsson, who unfortunately died
in a swimming accident several years ago.

>   Instead of raising concerns because of the situation at the TS
> Headquarters an attack is made towards those who at least made an
> attempt to propose some views and possible improvements in regard to
> the management of the TS and who shows some vitality and concerns
> regarding the future of the TS.

MKR: All the current discussions have their origin in the secrecy and speed
with which fundamental changes are planned to be made. Even worker bees at
Wheaton and Adyar did not know of it, because it was a very tightly kept
secret and they had to learn from outside, to their disappointment. No one
has so far explained why it was kept so secret and why the changes were
planned to be implemented before any ordinary member found out. The vitality
of the TS is not dependent upon changed rules. It depends on dedicated,
altruistic and active members and if you do not want to take them into
confidence and share your ideas and plans, it is not going to work. I am
sure you and me are as much concerned with the vitality and future of TS as
anyone else in the world, no matter what their titles or positions, present
or past are. We need to give some credit to the intelligence of ordinary
members and they can contribute with very valuable ideas to fix the problems
and improve the vitality.

>   With the creation of restricted TS Members Area (as this was a
> request so that information can be released) I tried to procure some
> web space for serious and unbiased exchange of views and opinions in
> regard to the actual situation and future of the TS. Now, this
> initiative and my personal position are under question.

MKR: You have done a wonderful job. Whatever you do, there will always be
critics. Dont lose heart and keep up with the work. It is for the
participants to engage in the private area or not. A simple choice.

Personally speaking many times, open and serious discussions are more
effective in a public forum because what comes out in the public is very
powerful. We have to stand by and defend what we post under our own
signatures. What we are discussing in public is no trade or organizational
secret. We should be able to say in public, what we will say in private.

>   More over, depreciation of fellow theosophists and manner used has
> reached such a level that further involvement in such discussion
> seems utterly unproductive and vilifying.

MKR: Maillists are very brutally level field. It does not discriminate. If
there are critical comments on anyone, if they are baseless, other members
of the board do not keep silent. I have seen this time and again on this
board over the years. They will defend vigorously and immediately. If you
have not seen such a response recently, it only shows that the comments and
criticisms are valid.

The person to whom it is directed, should come out and engage here. They are
educated, experienced and intelligent. My question is why are they keeping
silent. What are they afraid of.

   Warmest regards,
> Anton
> --- In <>, MKR
> <mkr777@...> wrote:
> >
> > It has come to my attention that the GC changed the TS Rules in
> 2006. No one
> > except the GC members know about the change and what the changes
> are. Has
> > anyone heard anything about these changes. The official rules are
> not on any
> > official website.
> >
> > Apparently, the fact that changes were made in 2006 and the actual
> changes
> > themselves are kept very closely and have not been disclosed to the
> > membership. It makes me wonder if there are any secret rules within
> the
> > rules that members are not aware of.
> >
> > Considering the tight secrecy with which new rule changes were
> developed and
> > the speed with which the implementation is sought, one wonders if
> there is
> > anything going on at the GC level that is top secret like occult
> secrets? It
> > becomes more and more interesting every day.
> >
> > All this point to one thing and one thing only. Need for full
> transparency.
> > If not with the machinations within GC will wreck the TS as we know
> it.
> >
> > mkr
> >
> >
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