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TS Rule Changes - Where are the leaders?

Sep 28, 2008 06:02 PM
by MKR

There are many who have worked for TS; travelled, lectured, elected, written
etc. on theosophical classics and tried to interpret and teach these written
classics. Members (especially rookies) when they look at their titles (which
people use to impress others with their learning or achivement) and their
grey hair, think that they have accumulated a lot of wisdom over the years.
 During the election, they listed themselves as the nominators of their
favored candidate, which is ok. But when an attempt was made to defeat Radha
Burnier by telling members that she should not be elected since she is
physically and mentally unfit and when this was disproved, not a single one
of them said a single word to set the matters right. No one spoke up. Why?

Now we have a situation where in greatest secrecy and speed, an attempt is
under way to disenfranchise all the dues paying members. It is thru accident
and with the help of Internet, this scheme came out and we are discussing
it. Where are the so called leaders? What have they got to say? We have not
seen any of them. The question is why?

Next time when we see any of them preaching the contents of theosophical
classics, we have to think how much trust we can place in what they say. One
has to wonder if they are like the Preacher who delivers the Sunday sermon.


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