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TS - Rule changes - Some thoughts

Sep 28, 2008 02:16 PM
by MKR

A friend mentioned some points and I responded. Thought, the response would
be of some interest.
 I do not see any problems in Indian lodges and do not need any fundamentsl
changes. One has to go and live and see for oneselves. I have lived there
and hence is my first hand view. There is a dynamism in the membership there
as compared what I have personally seen in the US, where I have also lived.
So, as they say, if it is not broken, don't fix it. India has lot of very
able and experienced members who can address and take care of any Indian
problems and do not need assistance from outside.

The way they have gone about in the election as well as the high secrecy and
speed with which such fundamental changes are attempted is wrong. The
question is simply why. This no one has answered so far. In matters like
this, there should be open discussion for some months before being
considered for a decision because I do not think that all wisdom lies in the
heads of GC members. If that were the case, TS would not have been setup as
a democratic organization with autonomy at all levels. Let us give some
credit to the Founders and the Adepts who are behind the TM.

Also very interesting is the fact no one from outside India, dared to
discuss the issue of drop in membership and low retention rate. Why? No one
seems to have an answer to fix it. Are all the rule changes going to fix
this problem? I doubt it.


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