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TS & Use of Internet

Sep 28, 2008 09:31 AM
by MKR

I think we all can learn from something that US Govt and Courts do all the
time. Very important information is always distributed on Internet. Even the
$700B bailout plan is going to be distributed via Internet. This provides
cheap immediate distribution world wide.

Why not TS learn a lesson from watching what is going on around us. We, poor
members, had to learn info via grapevine or thru maillist like this,
especially when behind our back, secretly our elected leaders scheme to
usurp our election voting rights. Even worker bees at the HQ in the US and
India have to learn about them thru maillists like this. Leaders who talk
about Internet and solicit your donations and want your money, do not
practice what they preach.

My 0.02


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