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Re: Theos-World dissension and health of the theosophical organisation

Sep 28, 2008 09:20 AM
by MKR

They are going to get a heart attack, when they read this msg.


On 9/28/08, <> wrote:
>   Authority is never to be respected.
> Chuck the Heretic
> In a message dated 9/28/2008 8:11:22 A.M. Central Daylight Time,
> <> writes:
> We recently saw an upheaval in dissent in the TS. Many of our leaders
> consider this a problem - regardless of whether the dissenters are
> right, we aren't right in spreading the news.
> But dissent is actually good for decisionmaking processes.
> >>#
> Question: It seems there's a fine line between anarchy and
> enlightenment: How do you know when you should respect authority and
> just do as told versus be a devil's advocate and disagree?
> Answer: Most of us, when we disagree with a group, keep quiet. Why
> make a fuss and ring alarm bells? And besides, maybe we're wrong. When
> you speak up and go against the opinion of the group, you risk getting
> branded as a loner who's not a team player. But dissent is a crucial
> ingredient in a successful team. When I interviewed Justice Breyer of
> the U.S. Supreme Court, he explained to me how dissent makes the
> Court's opinion stronger.
> The Supreme Court structured dissent into the process. When an opinion
> is assigned, the majority keeps on having to answer questions and
> objections from the dissenting side. The process is obviously
> professional, but it's also a pain. You have to go back and forth
> going over points time and again. It's easy to imagine how the process
> can be exhausting, and in fact former Chief Justice Rehnquist believed
> in having a more unified voice and basically not airing the court's
> dirty laundry. But dissent brings about the best possible decision
> because it forces you to address all points. Imagine if every company
> went through a dissent process before arriving at an important decision.
> It can get frustrating to listen to and incorporate the questions of a
> dissenter, but by doing so you explore all the different angles of an
> issue. Even if the dissenter is completely way off, exploring his or
> her viewpoint leads to a more accurate and nuanced perspective.
> Airline pilots know this firsthand. The FAA mandates that every pilot
> gets trained in Crew Resource Management (CRM), a method of learning
> to utilize others' perspectives, encouraging them to speak up when
> they disagree with you, and questioning your own position when others
> raise red flags. A truly enlightened team is one that knows it's
> strongest not when there's unanimity, but when there's mutual respect
> and tolerance for each individual's perspective.>>
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