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Re: TS - Disenfranchisement - Update

Sep 28, 2008 02:10 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

If they are drafting standard e-mails, it's because they are scared.
These are people used to a closed TS. These are people who are used to
a lack of transparency and believe in it - because it keeps things
calm (deadly calm, I might add). 

These people are not trained to respond to a crisis by giving the
public the information the public needs. They are used to responding
by clamping shut and blaming the people who cause the disturbance.
Except, in this case the people crying 'wolf' are in many cases so
very respectable (Aryel Sanat, Pedro Oliveira and others) that to
blame the people who shout about it isn't going to work. 

The current uproar forces them to respond. I think it took them
totally by surprise. So of course they are going to coordinate their
public response. This is TS Politics people, and those on the
defensive need to be very careful to not loose our trust even more. 

BTW - I haven't noticed people writing literally the same e-mails.
They just all use the same arguments, because these are arguments that
have been floating around General Council circles for years. It's
group think. I think John Algeo and co. just thought the time was
right to do something about it, using the election of the president as

It's a symptom of that many of the policy makers in the TS have lost
touch with the members. In many cases they have lost touch with the
general world of spirituality even more. 

If this proposal passes it is proof that this lack of being in touch
with the members is prevalent in the TS.

In order to prevent this - we do all need to write to our own
representatives in the General Council. In other words: write to the
general secretary of your section. [Repeating what MKR said on that
one: he's right]

Katinka Hesselink
--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> No doubt about it. It is done in secrecy and they want to jump a
surprise on
> you and me. I think there may be other unspoken issues underlying
all what
> is going on. All one needs to do is to look back on the events
leading to
> the International Election. I will not be surprised if Dugpas and
> are taking advantage of the situation and they like to see nothing
short of
> destruction of TS, because it is their job.
> mkr
> On 9/27/08, Anand <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> >
> >   These look like attempts to hijack Theosophical Society by some
> > individuals in the General Council.
> >
> >
> > --- In <>, MKR
> > <mkr777@> wrote:
> > >
> > > I received private emails from some leaders i.e. GC members.
> > >
> > > What is interesting is that they point out that either one person is
> > > drafting all the replies or the leaders were given a template to
> > respond to
> > > messages.
> > >
> > > So, behind the scenes, active coordination is taking place to defend
> > > disenfranchisement of your and my votes.
> > >
> > > It is time to contact your General Secretaries and tell them what
> > you think
> > > about giving up your voting rights. Leaders want you to work for
> > > TS, donate your money and support, and they want take away your
vote in
> > > secrecy. Kali Yuga in full action.
> > >
> > > mkr
> > >
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> >
> > 
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