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Re: Theos-World Theosophical Leader

Sep 27, 2008 05:17 PM
by MKR

This sheepish following philosophy comes from the idea that for any occult
training you should be obedient to your Guru as well as the idea of
hierarchy. It is easy to follow. Difficult to be a pioneer and do the work
yourself. Even the current secret move of disenfranchisement comes from this
belief that the head of the sections are wiser than the ordinary members and
all wisdom resides there and they will decide we all will follow. If the
present move succeeds, TS as we know it will disintegrate. Even holy roman
empire had its hey day and fell apart when its time came up. I hope it does
not happen to TS.


On 9/27/08, Cass Silva <> wrote:
>   As Theosophists I think it's arrogant to suggest that there are those
> that need to be lead.  Pointing the way and leading are two opposite poles.
> I don't know about the rest of you, but theosophy came to me not through a
> leader or member of the TS.
> Cass
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> Subject: Theos-World Theosophical Leader
> ... each one of you should be and actually is a leader, a leader of
> men, a Theosophical leader, one more or less trained to guide his
> fellows. Oh! I pray that you do not forget this; for if this idea
> prevail among us, no matter what one may say about the relatively
> small number of adherents that the Theosophical Society at present
> has as compared with the many millions of humanity - if this spirit
> prevails, I repeat, we Theosophists shall be not merely the leaven
> raising the general average of humanity, but verily you will be
> leaders, guides, teachers; and that is what each genuine Theosophist
> should aspire to be ... Love is no mere sentimental emotion: love is
> vision; love is harmony; love is that which flows forth from one to
> others; and when a man or woman has this in his heart or in her
> heart, then he or she is a natural leader. I desire you all to be
> leaders. Don't be ashamed of this lofty calling. Proclaim yourselves
> as aspiring to be true leaders. No one in the T.S. is too humble to
> help someone else, to show the way, and the way-shower is the leader,
> the guide, and the teacher.
> - G. de Purucker, in Messages to Conventions, pp. 30-31.
> Each one of us has to learn to consider everything for himself, and
> that is the only way to qualify to lead or help others. A leader is
> not one who tries to regiment other people, make them think as he
> wants them to think for his own reasons. There are such leaders in
> politics of different parties, and their followers become a flock of
> sheep and echo the leader's thoughts. The less we have of such
> leaders in our Theosophical movement, the better. Every Theosophist
> has to learn to lead himself, in the sense of not being pushed either
> by others or by the momentum of his own past thoughts. He must help
> people to lead themselves, to find out and express what is best, most
> beautiful and precious in themselves. That is the only kind of
> leadership which would serve our Society, which has to be as a
> spiritual republic in which each one shines with his own light, and
> makes it his contribution to the total illumination of the world.
> - N. Sri Ram, in The Theosophist, August, 1959, p. 290.
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