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TS - Access to Info on Internet

Sep 26, 2008 10:03 AM
by MKR

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Internet has given us the ability to exchange and distribute information and
ideas and share news world-wide. However, we need to know where in the
Internet to go, to find the information we are interested in.

For those of us interested in theosophy and theosophical society and the
current happenings in the theosophical society, especially the proposal to
disenfranchise member's voting in International Election, many do not know
where to go to. Here are the sources where you can get, exchange and discuss
on varied theosophical matters, including hot administrative, political and
organizational issues.


 THEOS-TALK maillist at


A Website for easy navigation to key message exchanges on TS Election etc.
is at:

If anyone has problems in accessing any of the above, please send me an
e-mail off list. I will try to help.

You may also want to subscribe to theos-talk so that messages will come to
you as they are posted.

M K Ramadoss, Member TS

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