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Re: Theos-World Supposedly poor choice of agent/vehicle by the Masters and th...

Sep 26, 2008 08:14 AM
by Drpsionic

I think they needed to take the vehicle into the repair  shop.  The whole 
thing would seem to be pretty self-evident  nonsense.
Chuck the Heretic
In a message dated 9/26/2008 8:37:09 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

If we believe Leadbeater's accounts about HPB and Krishnamurty then  the
Masters KH and M, along with the Lord Maitreya, must be very poor  judges of
people when it comes to selecting agents (or vehicles) to help  carry out the
work of the Brotherhood.

The Master KH wrote that they  - the Adepts - searched for one hundred years
to find someone who would be  a suitable agent to carry out their work of
presenting the the Ancient  Wisdom to the world at the end of the 19th
century. They must have begun  their search in the mid 1700s, or before.
Their choice was H.P.Blavatsky.  They could have waited another 5, 10, 20
or 40 years to find the best agent  possible - especially if there was
someone better coming along just after  HPB - after all they had already
spent more than a hundred years searching  for the ideal canditate. But they
didn't. Presumably they knew what they  were doing and presumably an Adept
(in fact it was more than one) is a  reasonable judge of Occult ability and
spiritual character.

Yet  according to Leadbeater, Subba Row's description of HPB confirmed his
(ie  Leadbeater's) view that the real HPB and left the body in 1865 (before
HPB  had even took on the major part of the Master's work). All that
remained,  according to Leadbeater was the shell of the body occasionally
inhabited by  a failed adept, two inexperienced chelas and a completely
ignorant bad  tempered old tibetan woman.

If we accept Leadbeater's statements about  HPB then the Adepts' must be very
poor at choosing people to help them, no  matter how long they are given to
Likewise, Krishnamurty  (according to Leadbeater et al) was the chosen
vehicle of the Lord  Maitreya. In other words, he was ACTUALLY CHOSEN by the
Lord Maitreya.  Through Krishnamurty the Lord Maitreya was going to take up
the role of  World Teacher in the early 1900s - the return of the Christ with
his  Liberal Catholic Church, its Bishops (Leadbeater et al) and his 12
Apostles  (again, Leadeater, Besant et al).

The Leadbeater-Besant view of the  Lord Maitreya was that Maitreya could see
so far into the future that he  was able to assign very senior occult
positions to Leadbeater et al in the  Seventh Race (some millions of years in
the future - we are only in the  fifth race). Maitreya was even able to
offer the position of Buddha on  Mercury (some BILLIONS of years in the
future) to - you guessed it -  members of the Leadbeater, Arundale,
Wedgwood, Besant  circle.

However - didn't the Lord Maitreya, through Leadbeater, offer  the job of the
Buddha on Mercury to George Arundale in 1914 and only a few  years later
change his mind and offer it, again through Leadbeater, to  Rajagopal when he
was discovered by Leadbeater? (See my earlier post for  these references.)
With a billion years and a few pralayas between then an  now one really has
to wonder how many times will the Lord Maitreya chop and  change his mind
about who is best for the job of Buddha on Mercury. Or is  it something to
do with each time Leadbeater discovers someone else with a  pure aura?

Apparently with all the Wisdom of the Ages behind him and  the great
foresight into the needs of the future billions of years ahead,  the Lord
Maitreya didn't anticipate that his chosen vehicle for the last  century (J.
Krishnamurty) would change his mind at the very last  moment.

One also has to wonder - if Arundale, Rajagopal, Wedgwood,  Leadbeater and
Besant et al were already of such a high occult development*  as to be
allocated jobs as Manus, Race Boddhisattvas, MahaChohans, Chief of  Staff of
7th Race, Buddha of Mercury, why didn't any of them take up the  role of the
vehicle of the Lord Maitreya so that the plan of the World  Teacher could
carry on unfolding? After all, both Arundale and Leadbeater  claimed they
met and spoke with the Lord Maitreya face to face. Why and how  could such a
master plan, brought into being under the instruction of the  World Teacher
for the benefit of all humanity, just evaporate on the whim  of one person,

Is this just another case of poor  choice of agent/vehicle by the Adept
Brotherhood and even of their Chief  (according to Leadbeater), the World
Teacher? Or is there something  fundamentally wrong with the whole story?


(* Note - they  claimed so many initiations they probably surpased the
initiation degree of  the Masters M and KH.)


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