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Re: Theos-World TS members’ power

Sep 26, 2008 05:24 AM
by MKR

Well said. It is up to the members to wake up and realize that if we are
passive and do not do nothing, we would lose our power. What the elected
leaders are trying to do is to consolidate their power so that they can do
whatever they want in the future and if the changes go through, there is no
way to stop it. It is now or never. Let us all mobilize and contact our
elected representatives and tell them that what they are trying to do is not
acceptable and they should openly come out and tell the public that they are
against it.


On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 4:45 AM, Anton Rozman <>wrote:

>   TS members' power
> The message of the TS Rules and Regulations is that power belongs to
> the members and that we transfer it, through the direct election,
> to the President, and, on the other hand, through the election of
> our representatives (General Secretaries) to the General Council
> to determine the policy of the Society, impose it to the
> President and control President's execution of this policy.
> All and each of us has a choice (every day, every hour) to decide if
> we will keep this power or if we will allow that this power is taken
> away from us.
> Keeping power means awareness of our unique task in the realization
> of purpose of existence of the Theosophical Society and taking
> responsibility to perform it. Allowing that power is taken away from
> us means to allow others to decide what is our task and for what
> purpose should we perform it.
> But to really know our own task we have to nurture a constant desire
> and intent to inform ourselves. It is just because of the absence of
> this desire and intent that we allowed and are allowing that power is
> taken away from us and then acting as victims blaming women and men
> in the positions of transferred power that they abuse it for their
> own selfish purposes.
> But do we not all act out of our own best intentions? We would hardly
> dare to say that there are some who purposely work to undermine the
> work and role of our Society. So, best intentions are not enough!
> They have to be checked in the light of the above message of the TS
> Rules and Regulations that power belongs to all members.
> Therefore, it is up to all and each of us to take our power back and
> creatively design the future of the Theosophical Society.
> Just some thoughts!
> Warmest regards,
> Anton

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