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Re: Theos-World P. Krishna is the greatest danger to the Theosophical Society

Sep 26, 2008 04:09 AM
by A M


The biggest threat to genuine Theosophy has been the teachings of
Leadbeater et al not Krishnamurti.  I agree with Katinka, Krishnamurti
was a refreshing and much needed antidote - an antidote to the
hysterical delusions about Masters, self styled revelations and
initiations, which pervaded the Leadbeater camp of himself (CWL),
Wedgwood, Arundale, Rajagopal, Annie Besant and a few others.  That
particular delusional bubble needed to be burst.

Unfortunately, because Leadbeater's teachings SOUND like Theosophy it
has seduced thousands of people away from the original teachings as
given out by the Masters - and which flatly contradict many of
Leadbeaters claims.

At least Krishnamurti didn't pretend to teach Theosophy or even sound
like he was - so people have to take his teachings as they find them
and really think for themselves.  In fact Krishnamurty's teachings are
in line with the 3rd Fundamental Proposition of the Secret Doctrine
which states that  ALL spiritual progress is the result of
"self-devised and self-induced efforts".  Whether In the Secret
Doctrine or The Mahatma Letters there is not the slightest notion
anywhere of World teachers handing out to individuals positions of
MahaChohan or Buddhisattava, or positions as Buddhas either on earth
of Mercury,  or appointing individuals to the future of role of Chief
of Staff of the Seventh Race!!   All this delusion belong to
Leadbeater and his group.

Read what the Master KH writes:

"The fact is, that to the last and supreme initiation every chela —
(and even some adepts) — is left to his own device and counsel. We
have to fight our own battles, and the familiar adage — "the adept
becomes, he is not made" is true to the letter. "  (Mahatma Letter 92,
chron edition)


2008/9/26 Anand <>:
> P. Krishna is the greatest danger to the Theosophical Society. He is
> appointed as head of Krishnamurti Foundation of India (KFI) This KFI
> is promoting ridiculous and anti-Theosophical ideas of J. Krishnamurti
> like "masters are exploiters, religions and spiritual books corrupt
> minds of people, there is no path of occultism, there is no evolution"
> It is most unfortunate P. Krishna has connection with the Theosophical
> Society. P. Krishna should live thousand miles away from the
> Theosophical Society.
> Anand Gholap


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