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TS - Disenfranchisement in Intl Election - Dugpas & Shammars in Action?

Sep 25, 2008 05:34 PM
by MKR

When I took a second look into the happenings around TS during last ten
months, and the latest power grab attempt and plan of  disenfranchisement of
members and total disregard of the duty of leaders to the members whom they
are supposed to represent, secrecy and possible collusion among some of the
leaders and the speed with which these fundamental drastic changes are being
rushed through, reminds me of the Master's comment to APS that "the Shammars
are there already and their pernicious work is everywhere in our way".
According to the another Master, "beware of Pride and Egoism, two of the
worse snares for the feet of him who aspires to climb the high paths of
Knowledge and Spirituality. You have opened a joint of your armour for the
Dugpas ? do not
complain if they have found it out and wounded you there."

I am convinced that Dugpas and Shammars are quite active today as they were
in early days of TS.  All they would like to see is the destruction of TS.
My hope is we do not unwittingly become their pawns while dreaming that we
are helping TS and its members.

Let us thank Internet, but for which, the rule changes would have been a
done deal long time ago. Also, have you seen any of the leaders
participating in any of the discussions here? None except two in the last
decade. You can guess whose hands are behind it all.

My 0.02


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