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Re: Theos-World theosophy as A Philosophy

Sep 25, 2008 01:04 PM
by Raquel Rodríguez

This makes me sad, what you are describing it is not just a distortion, it is almost a perversion an hallucination of the weirdest kind. 
All that beautiful and hard work of the Brotherhood to gift us with the naked Jewell of Truth so misused by the ego of a few. Of the few who where meant to keep it save and spread it.
 And all the extra work to clarify all that huge misunderstanding and misabuse of that Jewell
I am not a theosophist in the sense that I do not belong to the society, I never felt the need, I was not aware of what had gone on after Blavatsky died, I also have provably nothing to contribute with. But I love the teachings of Helena P. Blavatsky, provably more than any other thing on this world. I would never be granted enough to her to have put the Truth right between my hands. Although I have not studied her as deeply as most people on this page, but for the little I understand from her teachings, this what you are telling me sounds seriously nuts.
Due to my ignorance Theosophy it is rather a private thing to me, I mostly prefer not to talk about as I am never sure I will be able to transmit it properly, so most of the time my work is to internalize it, but it has happend to me sometimes that coming the subject on conversation with someone, this someone would say " Oh yes Theosophist, this people that announced Khrisnamuthy as the new world Messiah". Having no reference to the fact, the only thing I could answer is that for the little I know from Theosophy I finded very strange such an announcement. 
I knew certain disagreements were going on within the society, which I found at some stage normal to happen within a earthly human society, I could have never imagine the dimension of the "misunderstanding".
I have to really thank this group for the educating labour you are doing with me
Warm regards

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We can see how ludicrous the situation had become in the Leadbeater
circle (which included Wedgewood, Besant, George Arundale and
Rajagopal) with all of them claiming to be Arhats and many claiming
regular personal messages from the Lord Maitreya -invariably messages
which confirmed their own wonderful status - who even gave out occult
appointments (like jobs in a company) to each of them to take up in
future races and even on other planets.

All this meant that the Masters M and KH were bypassed in the Occult
hierarchy by members of this group who even claimed ( via self
revelation unto themselves! ) that they were direct pupils of the
MahaChohan (the Master and Chief of the Masters). This little group
went through so many initiations (in just a few weeks) they had
probably surpassed the initation grade of Masters M and KH!! Here is
what Emily Lutyens - a member of thier group - recorded in her diary

"It was discovered that George and Wedgwood are direct pupils of the
Mahachohan. Wedgwood is to be Mahachohan of the 7th Root Race with
Amma [Annie Besant] as the Manu and CWL as the Bodhisattva. For this
reason the Mahachohan is gradually withdrawing his influence from
Raja, who has hitherto held this position in the triangle. George
told me that much help was needed for Raja, as he was feeling much
depressed in consequence of this new appointment. George himself is
to be Chief of Staff of the 7th Race, and he told me that this was to
be his last incarnation, as henceforth he would be sent all over the
Universe and not attached to any one Planet."

The above is an extract from Lady Emily Lutyens diary qouted in
"Krishnamurti, The Years of Awakening" p229. The book text

"It may be remembered how depressed George had been in 1914 when he
heard that Rajagopal was to usurp his place on Mercury."

It seems then that George Arundale had previously been promised the
job as the future Buddha on Mercury until Leadbeater wrote to him and
told him the job had been given to Rajagopal instead! (see page 87 of
the above book).

Does anyone really believe an individual becomes a Buddha or by being
appointed as one?

Presumably none of the above individuals had read the words of the
Mahatma KH ""the adept becomes, he is not made" (Mahatma Letter 92)

Those who have studied the Secret Doctrine (the triple work of KH, M
and HPB) will appreciate the ludicrousness of any individual being
handed out appointments as Manus, Boddhisattvas or Mahachohans of
future races. The Manus and race Boddhisattvas are huge spiritual
intelligences (Dhyanis) who reached that stage in previous manvantaras
- i.e., cycles of evolution which preceded even the previous four
rounds of this earth.


2008/9/23 Raquel Rodríguez <raquel_rpj@yahoo. es>:
> Thank you Murthy
> for the highly interesting link of E.L. Gardner. I can finally have a clear
> idea of all the confusion brought to the TS, also I can understand know why
> Krishnamurty rejected the Theosophical Society. Such an accident on it´s
> early years, must have been a hard one to overcome for the ones that
> remained.
> Truth have its own way and can survive any devastating distortion of the
> mind.
> Best Regards
> Raquel


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