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Possession of J. Krishnamurti by Evil Powers

Sep 25, 2008 01:58 AM
by Anand

On the path of occultism there are some aspirants who fail. Virtues
like truthfulness, love, kindness must be developed to a very high
degree in order to succeed in occultism. If these qualities are less,
a person fails on the path of occultism. J. Krishnamurti is an example
of such failure.

In the Bible, one can read how one spirit rebelled against God and
created doubt about God and His teaching in the minds of Adam and Eve.
J. Krishnamurti's speeches are of similar a nature. According to him
all great teachers and their teachings corrupt the minds of people. J.
Krishnamurti does not have any respect for even great teachers like
Lord Jesus Christ. Anybody who reads J. Krishnamurti's speeches will
notice that J. Krishnamurti did not have knowledge of what is written
by other spiritual teachers, what is written in religions. Also one
can notice that J. Krishnamurti did not have the capacity to
investigate the hidden laws of nature, he was not a clairvoyant nor an
occultist. So there is no originality or original, new knowledge in J.
Krishnamurti's speeches. This shows that he did not have the capacity
to study writings of other teachers, and he himself also did not have
the capacity to find the laws of nature. All philosophy of
Krishnamurti is based on one principle : to attack teachings of other
great teachers. 

According to J. Krishnamurti all great teachers corrupt minds of
people, and their teaching is harmful to people. This idea of J.
Krishnamurti is ridiculously wrong. It is like saying that if a person
is not taught anything, he will be a better person. What J.
Krishnamurti is saying is that uneducated tribal man is better than
the educated scientist who discovers solutions to solve problems of
humanity. What Krishnamurti is saying is that a person who never
studied any relegion or spiritual teaching is more virtuous than
person who studies religions. This is highly misleading and damaging
to humanity. Most people on the earth, at the present stage of
evolution are selfish and have all the vices instinctively. And only
way to keep them on the path of virtues is to teach them the
importance of virtues and bad consequences of vices. Lord Jesus
Christ, Theosophy and such great teachings do exactly that. And such
teaching is absolutely necessary to make people virtuous, loving,
kind, and truthful.

J. Krishnamurti attacked teaching of great spiritual teachers. One
might think that a demonic, evil spirit had taken his possession and
made him talk against holy teachers and their teachings. According to
Christianity people are saved by faith in Jesus Christ. And
Krishnmurti's whole philosophy is intended to destroy the faith of
people in Godly things, teaching of prophets and saints. When C.W.
Leadbeater found J. Krishnamurti, he had expected that J. Krishnamurti
would become a vehicle for Christ. But this experiment failed
miserably. J. Krishnamurti neither understood Theosophy, nor any other
teaching. What he could do was only destroy faith of people in all
great spiritual and religious teachings.

C. W. Leadbeater was a great occultist who successfully guided tens of
thousand of people in spiritual development. He prepared great
Theosophists like C. Jinarajadasa and G. S. Arundale. C. W. Leadbeater
could not prepare Krishnamurti because of big weakenesses which J.
Krishnamurti had.

Krishnamurti's speeches did much damage to great organization
Theosophical Society, Adyar. This damage was done in many ways.
Members of TS lost faith in Theosophy because of J. Krishnamurti's
speeches. Some officers in TS believed Krishnamurti's speeches are
Theosophy. These officers misled many ordinary members of TS and
removed faith of members from teaching of Annie Besant and Leadbeater.
These officers misled ordinary members of TS by telling them that
Krishnamurti's speeches are Theosophy.

Krishnamurti also did much damage to great religions like
Christianity. A large number of people lost faith in Christianity
because of Krishnamurti's speeches against religions.

Krishnamurti talks about instant knowing of the Truth. According to
Krishnamurti a person knows Truth instantly without long preparation.
But the fact is that in the last 70 years also none came forward and
said that he knew the Truth by following Krishnamurti's methods.

According to Krishnamurti following a Spiritual Master or Guru is
harmful and people should not follow any Spiritual Masters. Facts
prove that Krishnamurti was wrong here also. The history of thousands
of years is filled with testimonies of self-realized people about how
Spiritual Masters or Gurus helped spiritual development of disciples.

According to J. Krishnamurti spiritual teaching, reading books on
spirituality corrupt minds of people. Facts prove that J. Krishnamurti
is wrong. There are tens of thousands of testimonies about how Bible
and other spiritual books helped people greatly in spiritual development.

One well known person who witnessed devastating effects of J.
Krishnamurti's speeches on people wrote "During the seven or more
years of Krishnamurti's later mission (of teaching) I have seen many
promising lives rendered tragically fruitless, many hopes destroyed,
and many good servants of humanity lost to that service. Under
Krishnamurti's influence they have thrown overboard the whole of
life's experiences, life's illuminations, and life's understanding.
Religion, philosophy, ethics, and even morals ? on all these they have
turned a scornful back. They have done this in the utterly vain belief
that by so doing they will gain some mysterious enlightenment hitherto
hidden from them.

I have seen noble-hearted, pure-minded men and women, both young and
old, throw over their previous moral restraint, cast aside that
discipline of life without which there can be no happiness. I have
watched them cease from a service to those less fortunate than themselves"

All this they do, as they suppose, at the bidding of Krishnamurti."

"Questions put to him (to Krishnamurti) demonstrate very clearly that
Krishnamurti has led people into this darkness. I speak feelingly, for
I have seen and known so many who have made just that mistake. Once
radiant, they are now in darkness. Once loving friends to all, they
are now scornful and bitter opponents of their old friends and
co-workers. Once useful citizens, they are now idle. Not only are they
idle, but they scorn those who remain active in the service of city,
country and race. Once self-controlled, vegetarian, teetotallers and
refined of speech, they now scorn all systematic discipline, eat meat,
smoke, take alcohol and are addicted to coarse language. All this is
justified by the plea of fuller self-expression. Great is the tragedy
of such ruined lives ? a tragedy all too common since Krishnamurti
took up his mission (of teaching)"

J. Krishnamurti failed on the path of occultism and he misled people
by removing their faith in great Spiritual Teachers and Theosophy.
What people should do now is completely ignore Krishnamurti's speeches
and continue studying good spiritual teaching given by great
Theosophists like Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater.

Readers will get references about J. Krishnamurti or Alcyone in
Theosophical literature. These references may be read in order to
understand how Krishnamurti was being prepared for higher spiritual
growth. J. Krishnamurti later failed. So what he spoke independently
should be completely ignored. J. Krishnamurti's speeches are extremely
harmful to people.

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Anand Gholap

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