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Sep 24, 2008 05:59 PM
by Cass Silva

Argue all you like about fundamental democratic rights till the cows come home because when politics are involved 'rights' go to the one with the biggest stick.   Can anyone say for certain that we are not bartering job security against theosophy? 

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Thanks for the msg.
The proposal is trying to take away the voting right every member had since
TS was launched. This is taking away the fundamental democratic right of
each and every dues paying member of TS, this is what all autocratic
regimes do. This issue has never been brought before the members for
discussion as it should be. It is seems to be an arbitrary move to serve the
vested *personal* interests of a few so they can seize control of TS and not
answerable to anyone.
Why was such a proposed fundamental change not publicly announced world-wide
and discussed even before trying to bring it up at the GC meeting. Who are
the players and what are their vested personal selfish interests behind such

Members should know the full details so they can see through the game and
hold those who came up with such unacceptable change held accountable.
I have in the past, repeatedly pointed out in this forum, the lack of
transparency of the GC and we have not seen a single leader discussing or
addressing this issue. In early days of TS, the GC meetings were totally
transparent. Now for the past several decades, Members are never told
anything about the meeting agenda items and the decisions, despite claiming
TS as a democratic organization. If the discussions and decisions are made
in such secrecy, it provides opportunity for GC to take decisions
destructive to the interests of TS and theosophy, and only to benefit the
few in the GC. If wisdom is supposed to be concentrated in the GC members,
Founders would not have setup TS as a democratic organization with
International President elected by direct votes of members.

In addition to the disenfranchisement, we hear that a host of other drastic
fundamental changes have been proposed. Are we to wait and wake up one day
to find out TS run under a drastically new set of rules and run by clique of
GC members?

If that happens, it would be beginning of the end of TS as we know it.
Already the disastrous lack of growth of membership outside India and very
low membership retention outside India, are warning signs of events to come,
and if we do not wake up and do something about it before it is too late, TS
would become a historic relic.



On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 9:24 PM, t_s_theosophist <THEOSOPHIST@>wrote:

> Dear Fellow Theosophists;
> We are informed by two Theosophists of repute and long standing, Pedro
> Oliveria, and Aryel Sanat, that attempts are currently being made to try to
> restrict the freedoms of members of The Society.
> A proposal being presented to the General Council would restrict the voting
> for Predisent to ONLY members of the General Council and strip the general
> membership of this cherished privilidge.
> Colonel Olcott established our ground rules the way he did so that EVERY
> member would have this Freedom of Choice & selection.
> This is a Very Important Landmark in maintaining The Freedom of The
> Society. To concentrate this
> power in the hands of a small group even if it is The General Council would
> be a disasterous attack on The Freedom of The Society.
> One questions WHY would the proposers of this scheme even want to change
> the rules,and to WHAT Purpose? There is NO
> legitimate need for this change. It all smells very fishy and odious of
> political machination.
> Can we forget politics and get back to our True Task and Purpose of
> Studying and Teachng Theosophy?
> We urge Every Freedom loving and sincere Theosophist to register their
> opposition and complaint to this stinking power ploy. It is a Very Bad
> proposal and NOT needed.
> Fraternally;
> William Delahunt
> Orlando, Florida
> Theosophist@ <Theosophist%>
> Blow is the news from Pedro and Aryel:
> Dear Friends,
> The attached proposal has come to my notice. One of its proposed amendments
> (to Rule 10 of the Rules of the TS), if approved, will cause the termination
> of an important landmark in the history of The Theosophical Society: the
> right of its members to elect the international President in a direct vote.
> The amendment in question establishes that the President will be elected by
> the members of the General Council which counts approximately 37 members at
> the present.
> As a concerned member I would like to suggest that a letter be written to
> the International Secretary, who is the Secretary of the Council, expressing
> profound concern and opposition to this unprecedented attempt to
> disenfranchise the members of the Theosophical Society world wide.
> May I suggest that if some of you would like to briefly express your views
> regarding the proposed amendment that you send them to me or to Mrs Ananya
> Rajan <ananya11@comcast. net <ananya11%40comcast .net>>, so that we may
> incorporate them into the document to be sent to the Secretary of the
> General Council.
> The work of the TS is too precious for the redemption and transformation of
> the world for us to allow its entire membership to be allienated from its
> right to elect its President.
> With warm and fraternal regards to all,
> Pedro Oliveira
> Sydney, Australia
> Aryel Sanat
> <asanat%40mac. com>
> Pedro Oliveria prmoliveira@ <prmoliveira%>
> International Secretary : theossoc@dataone. in <theossoc%40dataone .in>
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