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Re: Theos-World theosophy as A Philosophy

Sep 23, 2008 07:13 PM
by Cass Silva

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Subject: Re: Theos-World theosophy as A Philosophy

We need to distinguish between a) the different expressions of
theosophical teachings and b) distortions of theosophical teachings.

For example when the Mahatma KH states that the life wave on Mars is
in Pralaya and Leadbeater claims to have visited Mars and seen the
martians in their physcical bodies living in garden towns near the
equator where there are plenty of flowers and water etc - is this just
a different expression of theosophical teaching or a distortion?

When Leadbeater claims he has visited on the astral plane the Lord
Maitreya and has his blessing along with instructions from the Master
KH as to the basis and rituals of the setting up a Liberal Catholic
church, yet we find the Master KH's views in the Mahatma Letters on
God and clergy completely contradicting Leadbeaters views - is this
just a different expression of theosophical teaching or a distortion
of theosophical teaching? (see
http://www.theosoph on.htm )
CASS:  You can dance around it which ever way you like Anand.  You are going to take Leadbeater's word over Koot Hoomi's?  "living in garden towns near the equator where there are plenty of flowers and water etc"   - Is he for real, did he land in the Martian Garden of Eden?   And as a reasonably intelligent human being how can you accept this poppycock?  
KH was totally opposed to clergy and rituals.  This is not just a different expression of a teaching, it is in defiance of one.

Many of Leadbeater's teaching on theosophy come from his astral visits
to Masters Ashrams, can we really give any credibility to teachings
received in this way from some who believes he visited Mars and spoke
to the martions as in the above. All the stuff on auras and chakras,
astral bodies etc, the psychism and grandiose messages from Masters,
Maitreyas and Solar Lords obscured for a long time the original
teachings of theosophy as given out by HPB and the Masters.

Remember Master KH writes that the Secret Doctrine was a triple
production of Himself, Master M and HPB. When Leadbeater wrties
something in direct opposition to what is stated by them in the Secret
Doctrine - is that just a variation on the teaching or a distortion of
the teaching?
Cass:  His only excuse is that he didn't understand the teachings.

When the Masters write that Maitreya, the 5th Buddha, will not come
until the end of the great cycle (some millions of years in the
future) yet Leadbeater claims to be receiving personal instruction
(through his astral visits & so on) from the Lord Maitreya and that
Maitreya is preparing to come as the World Teacher in the early 1900s
- is this a variation or different expression of the teachings of
Theosophy or a distortion?
Cass:  Well even you have to admit that Leadbeater is 4million years out on that one.

If Leadbeater was wrong and deluded about his converstations with Lord
Maitreya, can we have trust in any of the Theosophical teachings he
passed on from the Masters recived via astral travels or clairvoyant
communication as he claimed in all the above? Or should we just
rationalise his delusions and say Leadbeater just had a different way
of expression the truth, and no need to worry because the truth isn't
something that can be pinned down anyway?
Cass:  NO, Not in Leadbeater's case.  He invented the Masters for validation on his own theories.  Astrally he must have also been in a fog!


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