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Re: Theos-World Re: Daniel, why don't you warn readers about Blavatsky's mistakes ?

Sep 22, 2008 12:30 PM
by Raquel Rodríguez

I am sure I have not studied Blavatsky as long as you, but you have to forgive me, any correction coming from you, from what I understand you understand, about her teachings regarding The Absolute and her own nature as a messenger soul inhabiting a physical body I would have to doubt of its value.
Karma, to my understanding it is too a huge concept to judge by my own, whether things would have been the same or not if the interrelation of certain people under certain circumstances would be the ones they are or a different ones, it is not to my intellect to judge but please note that if Master KH writes:
>>>...this you must tell to all: -- With occult matters she has
everything to do. We have not abandoned her; she is not 'given over
to chelas.' She is our direct agent....<<<
Are you acerting then than the Masters would have use Beasant or Leadbeater as agents, or would I have learn flute as well as I did if the teacher that was there for me, would have been not. Would I have come to the conclusions I came in my life, if the people that I met on an specific moment that gave me the specific unswers on a specific moment, would have been not there?
You must have a very good understanding of Karma if you know exactly know how things would have been if everything would have been diferent.

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De: Anand <>
Asunto: Theos-World Re: Daniel, why don't you warn readers about Blavatsky's mistakes ?
Fecha: lunes, 22 septiembre, 2008 7:52

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> Anand
> Do you even consider the fact that without Blavatsky´s Theosophy,
Beasant and Leadbeater´s would have been non-existent?

Your comment shows that you have not really understood Blavatsky's
teaching also. If you had studied, you would have known that one soul
does not give birth to another soul. And each soul's spiritual
progress and evolution depends mostly on the karma done by that soul.
That means Besant and Leadbeater became what they became by their
karma done in many lives. Blavatsky did not determine that. Nobody can
tread the path of occultism for others. 

Anand Gholap



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