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Re: The Secrete Doctrine was meant only for limited period

Sep 22, 2008 12:08 PM
by danielhcaldwell


I do appreciate your partial reply to one of my questions.

My original question to you was:

---------------------------------------------------------- you reject and dismiss Master Koot Hoomi's estimation & 
assessment of THE SECRET DOCTRINE as "an epitome of occult
truths that will make it a source of information and instruction for
the earnest student for long years to come. . . ."???

Your answer was:
Note the words "instruction for the earnest student for long years to
come" It means SD will be useful for limited period, not indefinitely.
Long years means what ? Does it mean 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or 30
years ? 
Now 130 years are over. 

Anand, you do not come right out and say that you reject
and dismiss Master Koot Hoomi's assessment, so does that mean
that you accept his assessment?

I assume you must at least in part accept KH's statement since you 
seem to be saying ---  well yes what the Master says is true BUT "SD 
will be useful for limited period, not indefinitely."

First I will say, please read again what the Master says about the SD:

The SD is "an epitome of occult TRUTHS."  caps added.

Does TRUTH only last 30 years or only 130 years?

Consider other books which no doubt contain "occult truths":

for example, The Christian Bible and the Bhagavad-Gita.  

Gee, how many centuries old are they?  They are certainly more than
30 years old, certainly much older than 130 years!!  Couldn't we also 
say that these two scriptures are only "useful for limited period, 
not indefinitely"??  So being so many centuries old, shouldn't we 
just disregard them too?  Oh, they are too old to be relevant or 
meaningful anymore.  Tell that to hundreds of millions of Christians 
and Hindus and see what kind of response you will receive!

You also write that "Now 130 years are over."  

If you are referring to the SD, then as of next will be 
120 years since the SD was first published.  

Annad, I'm really wondering if you have read the SD.  At least part 
of it?

Gee, 120 years later I find so much in the pages of the SD to ponder 
and meditate upon....

That is not to say that everything is just as relevant as 120 years 
ago.  The science of HPB's day and which she writes about has been 
superseded by huge advances but has that altered the "occult truths" 
contained in the volumes?  Does the outdated science invalidate the 
occult truths found in these volumes of the SD, does the outdated 
science invalidate the beauty of the enigmatic Stanzas of Dzyan found 
in the SD?

And Anand, please tell us:  What books should be used as REPLACEMENTS 
for the SD?  IF the SD is really out of date, then what more "up to 
date" volumes of "occult truth" on cosmogenesis and anthropogenesis 
should Theosophical students turn to?

And if by chance you would recommend certain titles written by Annie 
Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, I must point out to you that it has been 
some 74 years since Mrs. Besant and Mr. Leadbeater died.  So the 
majority of their books date to over 80 years ago!!!!

You wrote:

"SD will be useful for limited period, not indefinitely.
....Does it mean 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or 30
years ?..."

Well, what about Besant's and Leadbeater's books..are you telling us 
they are useful indefinitely.....?  As I said most of them are 80 or 
more years old.....   

So aren't Besant's and Leadbeater's books too old too?  Surely there 
are more recent books to replace those dusty volumes penned by Besant 
and Leadbeater....   What about Elizabeth Claire Prophet's books?  
or....  the books now published by the current messengers of the 
Masters of the Temple of the Presence????  Or.....

But going back to the actual SECRET DOCTRINE itself, the author H.P. 
Blavatsky writes:

". . .  the SECRET DOCTRINE is not a treatise, or a series of vague 
theories, but contains all that can be given out to the world in this 
century." The Secret Doctrine, 1888, Vol I, p. xxxviii (original 

But a few lines above these two paragraphs, HPB also tells us:

". . . But it will take centuries before much more is given from it 
[the Secret Archaic Doctrine]. . . . " 

Hoping you will think about the issues I have raised and give us your 
thoughts on all of this.


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