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Theos-World Re: Daniel, why don't you warn readers about Blavatsky's mistakes ?

Sep 22, 2008 10:52 AM
by Anand

--- In, Raquel Rodríguez <raquel_rpj@...>
> Anand
> Do you even consider the fact that without Blavatsky´s Theosophy,
Beasant and Leadbeater´s would have been non-existent?

Your comment shows that you have not really understood Blavatsky's
teaching also. If you had studied, you would have known that one soul
does not give birth to another soul. And each soul's spiritual
progress and evolution depends mostly on the karma done by that soul.
That means Besant and Leadbeater became what they became by their
karma done in many lives. Blavatsky did not determine that. Nobody can
tread the path of occultism for others. 

Anand Gholap

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