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TS -- Creed taking control?

Sep 22, 2008 06:27 AM
by mkr777

Jiddu Krishnamurti was a keen observer. Ernest Wood, who was one time his
instructor, and a life long theosophist who gave prime of his life to TS and
Theosophy, knew him very well. In Wood's book - "Is This Theosophy?", there
is an interesting segment relating to his discussion with Krishnamurti
regarding the future of TS. It is quoted below, followed by a few comments
of mine.


And here also was Krishnamurti, declared to be the World Teacher in person,
stating that ceremonies were hindrances to a spiritual life, and even that
explanations of life, such as those of reincarnation and karma were
soporific, for only the aid of pure action in the present, making the most
of the present, was consistent with spirituality, liberation, or the clean
and self-fructifying operation of life itself. To hold a theory that we must
work for the development or accumulation or acquisition of opportunities or
powers to be attained at some future time was simply to spoil the living

I saw much of Krishnamurti during his visit to New York and on subsequent
occasions. I tried to grasp how life appeared and what it meant to him. That
was difficult, because it did not mean anything at all. It stood for itself
and required no interpretation. He said he had reached liberation; he was
free, but he could not describe that freedom. Mind could no more grasp life
than teeth could bite the air. Life was knowing itself direct in him, not
through the veil of mind, with its clumsy categories of past, present and

I could see clearly what he was driving at in describing so many things as
hindrances, but I was not able to grasp the positive and superior life of
which he spoke. After all, his position seemed to be that of the yoga school
of India, which I knew well. It was simply that the mind (perception and
reason) is not the instrument for knowing the positive element of being that
is, life itself, but is concerned with the limited department of production
and understanding of forms. Its enhancement could not lead to discovery of
fundamental truth any more than could development of abnormal muscularity.
On the other hand its suppression could not lead to it, any more than
material suicide.

We ought not, therefore, to picture our evolution into some godly or angelic
type of being and stultify our present power by waiting or working for that.
That would not be different from the way in which stupid devotees set aside
their own judgment and waited for orders from above. Nor, on the other hand,
should we discredit our present capacity by going backwards, as it were, to
the peaceful animal state of mind. In short, the secret of the real is to
click with the present, to be fully what we are. Consolation, hope, remorse,
and any philosophy which softens the incidence of life upon us in the
present stands in the way of life's realization of itself. The mind can help
only by removing the obstacles, the errors created by itself. To think of
life in its fullness is to make only a picture on canvas. Life is life, and
cannot be known mentally by comparison with any object. You cannot put God
in a box.

Several times I discussed with Krishnamurti the function of the Theosophical
Society. He said: "You cannot organize truth."

I pointed out that the Society was intended to be only a business
organization. It existed for the promotion of truth, but did not say what
that truth was.

"I am afraid you cannot have such a brotherhood," was his reply."Consider
the weakness of human nature. Some creed will get control of the thing, or
will be fighting for it and giving trouble all the time."

I pointed out that the position is maintained in scientific and learned
societies; the Chemical Society does not advocate the use of any particular
brand of soap or matches. "People can be impersonal with reference to soap
and matches," was the substance of his reply, "but your society proposes to
deal with man himself, and you will find that people simply will not face
the truth with reference to themselves."
"Let us put it to the test of experience," said I. At any rate I am going to
try to make the position clear, since there ought to be a society where
people may meet to discuss and criticize their various efforts to find the

"Go ahead," was his conclusion. "I shall watch the effort with great
interest, but I think there is little hope."




Looking at the events that have taken place since last December, I am
wondering if we are in the verge of "some creed" getting control of TS. If
that were to happen, then we will have a Society totally different from what
it was chartered for as it would not be attracting dedicated altruistic men
and women who are really interested in search of Truth.

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