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"God isn't male expression. And it is often used rather for Logos...."

Sep 21, 2008 01:25 PM
by danielhcaldwell

"God isn't male expression. And it is often used rather for Logos than
for Parabrahman."

But I bet if I went house to house in my neighborhood and asked
people what they think about "God", most of them would talk about God 
using He or Him or His or referring to "him" as Father.

And if I objected and said that maybe God was a "She", God was 
the "Mother" of humankind, they would probably object to that 

Or if I said "God" might be an IT, then they would really object!

Now if they were pressed on this point, it would be interesting as to 
why they would prefer using He or Him or His and wouldn't use the 
feminine pronouns, or "it", etc.

I think Theosophical students can use the word "God" in describing some 
of the Theosophical teachings BUT should be willing to explain what 
they mean by that term.  

For example, after trying over a period of several years to encourage 
Anand to explain or define what he means by "God", I still am not sure 
exactly how he uses that term!!!

If we are going to "talk" or "communicate" using words at all, we need 
to define what we mean by these very words.

I have a friend who is always disputing the meaning of words and many 
times he just makes up his own definitions of the words!!!  He even 
admits to doing that!!  

I have found that in his case it is almost impossible to have an 
intelligent discussion with him because if you just make up the meaning 
of wordsas you go along, your own personal definitions, you can 
basically say anything --- and everything in turn becomes meaningless.

Anyway, I would think it is important to define words especially in 


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