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Re: Theos-World Re: Topics of Interest

Sep 21, 2008 01:22 PM
by Raquel Rodríguez

Hello Eric
There has been discusions in this forum about Alice a. Bailey, you can have a look in this postings from Daniel Caldwell on September 2007
Blavatsky versus Bailey on "Christ"....
Jerry Hejka-Ekins on where Bailey obtained her teachings
To Don: On the Teachings of Besant, Leadbeater & Bailey

I hope this is interesting for you
Kind Regards

--- El dom, 21/9/08, Eric S. Dye <> escribió:

De: Eric S. Dye <>
Asunto: Theos-World Re: Topics of Interest
Fecha: domingo, 21 septiembre, 2008 6:58

Dear Theos Members,

Recently I wrote a post regarding my thoughts on the list and the topics at 
hand........ ..i.e. Leadbeater and Blavatsky. I was hoping that the discussion 
would talk about the positive aspects of Theosophy. This person mkr777 was
very kind in addressing my post. Are you the moderator mkr? I do not know if
all posts are moderated or not. I also have a list but by acclamation, I 
decided not to moderate it as long as everyone was civil. I have only had 
to ask one person to step out of the list....thank God.

I know that this is a Theosophy list but wondered if the books of Alice Bailey
could be considered a topic. I have 18 of her 24 books which I have been 
reading since 1974 and I believe they are more to the point than Blavatsky.

It seems that many of the people associated with Theosophy have some nuance
that is controversial at times. Bailey worked with Blavatsky for a time and 
then went elsewhere to continue her works with the Tibetans. I like Bailey 
because her works more closely echo mine. And I studied with the Arcane 
school for several years. That group centered itself on meditation and 
brotherhood, which I really love. 

Ok, well I have said my 2 cents worth here. Hope to hear some responses. Thank
you mkr for your response. I appreciate it.

Eric escottdye@neo. and brainspeaks@

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