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Theosophy, Blavatsky, Leadbeater,

Sep 19, 2008 07:26 AM
by brainspeaks

Hello "Friends of Theosophy",

I am new to this list, though not to Theosophy which I have been studying
since 1974. My intention in doing that was to grow spiritually as well as
intellectually. I've found that in most things in life, looking at things in 
a "positive" light is not only good for the world but good for the soul.  
That is what metaphysics is all about. 

Though I have not read all of the details of either Blavatsky or Leadbeater, I 
have certainly read books from both of these Theosophists. And what I have 
learned from both authors/theosophists as well as great Theosophists like 
Annie Besant, Geoffrey Hodson, John Richardson, Alice Bailey, Judge, Olcott, 
etc. is that their books were written to grow the soul and give us positive 
insight into everything Theosophical, every thing involved in life. 

I once was a member of a group called ARCANA - headquartered at Brown
University. It was an intellectual list in which we could discuss a whole 
range of subjects, mostly on Theosophy. That was the finest group I have
been involved in and I was sad to see it go, just as everything does 
eventually. We talked about Theosophy, Native American Lore, even Wicca. 
tarot, etc.. I wish that group was still in existence.

I am hopeful that in this list, we not only discuss the foibles of the 
theosophist's discussed, but the basic ideas of theosophy which teaches us
that everything is living and everything grows spiritually upward. Blavatsky
had her problems with what I call "tom foolery" and I have heard discouraging
discussions about some unfortunate things that Leadbeater was involved in. But
in reading his works and the works of Blavatsky and others, the messages were
thought provoking but positive.

I think the array of "Tibetans" involved in our enlightenment would desire for
us to work on things upwardly Spiritual rather than dwell on negativity. I 
apologize if I am out of line, but these are my thoughts.

Eric S. Dye, and

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