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Re: Anand: "I have not read any better explanation." ??????

Sep 18, 2008 04:17 PM
by Anand

--- In, "danielhcaldwell"
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Anand,
> Concerning the 1885 Leadbeater letter published
> on my Blavatsky Archives website at:
> you write:
> ------------------------------------------
> Many serious students of spirituality found big problems in
> personality and work of Madame Blavatsky. This letter of Mr. C.W.
> Leadbeater seems to explain that incredible complexity. If this letter
> is not accepted, there is required some other explanation of her
> complex personality and work. I have not read any better explanation.
> This is most surprising information to students of Theosophy.
> ------------------------------------------
> Well, Anand, there is at least one "other explanation" and
> I would suggest that it is a "better explanation" than the
> one apparently given by T. Subba Row via C.W. Leadbeater.
> It is the explanation given by Mahatma Koot Hoomi and Mahatma
> Morya.

I read the letter of Master K.H. It does not make CWL's explanation
invalid. Master K.H. supports CWL's words "terrible ill-tempered,
ignorant old Tibet woman" by telling about serious problems in HPB's
pshychology. And he also confirms that that soul is from Tibet, just
as CWL called her Tibet woman.

Anand Gholap

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