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Re: Anand, Why Do you Not Deal with the KH Letter on HPB??

Sep 18, 2008 12:26 PM
by danielhcaldwell


Concerning what you write in your posting at:

I will add a few observations.

Anand, you write:

"CWL had wrote earlier that HPB's soul had left that body around 

"CWL also described HPB is similar words in that particular letter of 

"CWL letter does not contradict this. But there is one important thing
to remember."

"CWL described what was happening through HPB's body."

But I ask you Anand and other interested readers, at this point in 
time (June 14, 1885) is C.W. Leadbeater actually claiming that he 
himself knows of his own personal direct knowledge that what he 
writes about HPB is true???

Let us not jump to hasty conclusions.

Notice what C.W. Leadbeater writes:

"Subba Row related to us recently more concerning Madame's remarkable 
complex character than I, at least, had previously known...."

Unless I am missing out on something here, Mr. Leadbeater is simply 
conveying in this letter what SUBBA ROW RELATED AND TOLD C.W. 

Now Mr. Leadbeater does write towards the end of this letter extract:

"Of course this true explanation is useless for outsiders."

But one must ask:  was this the TRUE explanation???  

Unless I am missing something here All this letter shows us is that 
Mr. Leadbeater beleived this was the TRUE explanation.  And it would 
appear that T. Subba Row was indeed telling Mr. Leadbeater this 
explanation.  But I see nothing here to support the contention that 
Mr. Leadbeater knew of his own personal direct knowledge all that is 
said in this letter about HPB.

So the question is:  does T. Subba Row really know what he is talking 

And Anand, you may or may not be aware that at this very time H.P. 
Blavatsky was indeed aware of what T. Subba Row was circulating about 

BELOW is what she said in a letter FROM THIS SAME TIME PERIOD.

The letter is dated "June 16th." 1885.  COMPARE this date with the 
date of C.W. Leadbeater's letter.

HPB writes:

Such as Subba Row -- uncompromising initiated Brahmins, will never 
reveal -- even that which they are permitted to. They hate too much 
Europeans for it. Has he [Subba Row] not gravely given out to Mr. and 
Mrs. C.O. that I was henceforth "a shell deserted and abandoned by 
the Masters?" When I took him for it to task, he answered: "You have 
been guilty of the most terrible of crimes. You have given out 
secrets of Occultism -- the most sacred and the most hidden. Rather 
that you should be sacrificed than that which was never meant for 
European minds. People had too much faith in you. It was time to 
throw doubt into their minds. Otherwise they should have pumped out 
of you all that you know." And he is now acting on that principle. 
quoted from:

I will add more later to what I have given above but will wait and 
let you digest all of this and hopefully give your comments.


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