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Re: Anand, Why Do you Not Deal with the KH Letter on HPB??

Sep 18, 2008 11:24 AM
by Anand

> BELOW is part of what the Master tells Olcott:
> "...we employ agents -- the best available. Of these for the past
> thirty years the chief has been the personality known as H. P. B. to
> the world (but otherwise to us).

This confirms what CWL wrote. World called her HPB, but CWL had wrote
earlier that HPB's soul had left that body around 1865. That is why
Master says "personality known as H. P. B. to the world (but otherwise
to us)."
CWL did not oppose the idea that HPB was used as agent.

> Imperfect and very troublesome, no
> doubt, 

CWL also described HPB is similar words in that particular letter of his.

>she proves to some, nevertheless, there is no likelihood of
> our finding a better one for years to come -- and your theosophists
> should be made to understand it....

It appears that that time around i.e. 1875 there may not be other
person available. AB and CWL became available for work later. 
> ...Her fidelity to our work being constant, and her sufferings
> having come upon her thro' it, neither I nor either of my Brother
> associates will desert or supplant her....

CWL letter does not contradict this. But there is one important thing
to remember. CWL wrote that letter in 1875. But Blavatsky wrote SD
later. Naturally letter of CWL written in 1875 won't contain
happenings between 1875 and 1891.

> ...this you must tell to all: -- With occult matters she has
> everything to do. We have not abandoned her; she is not 'given over
> to chelas.' She is our direct agent....

HPB had said that she believed in wisdom of Subba Rao more than her
own wisdom. 

> I have also noted, your thoughts about the 'Secret Doctrine.' Be
> assured that what she has not annotated from scientific and other
> works, we have given or suggested to her. Every mistake or erroneous
> notion, corrected and explained by her from the works of other
> theosophists was corrected by me, or under my instruction. . . .
> K.H."

To me it appears that there is nothing in above letter of Mahatma
which contradicts with CWL letter. CWL described what was happening
through HPB's body. 
One point you can notice in Mahatma Letters. Mahatmas praised
dedication and honesty of HPB, but they did not praise her accuracy
and expertise in occultism. Being a dedicated person is different from
being expert in occultism. Masters actually talked about correcting
HPB's writing, which means HPB made mistakes in the writing, which had
to be corrected.
Anand Gholap

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