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Re: Theos-World Dugpas & Shammers Trying to wreck TS

Sep 17, 2008 02:44 PM
by Drpsionic

 Now why would we-er-they want to bother when it does such a good job of wrecking itself.  If the TS could survive Radha's attempt at film acting it can survive anything.

(By the way, The River is available through Netflix in case anyone actually wants to see it.)

Chuck the Heretic 



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Subject: Theos-World Dugpas & Shammers Trying to wreck TS

When I look upon the happenings around TS during last ten months, and
perhaps continuing behind the scenes to this day, one wonders if the Dugpas
have been vigorously exploiting the situation and are in the way of the
progress of TS and T/theosophy.

I am reminded of the Master's comment that "the Shammars are there already
and their pernicious work is everywhere in our way". According to the
another Master, "beware of Pride and Egoism, two of the worse snares for the
feet of him who aspires to climb the high paths of Knowledge and
Spirituality. You have opened a joint of your armour for the Dugpas – do not
complain if they have found it out and wounded you there."

Something for all of us to think about and act instead of keeping quiet when
the House is on Fire and membership growth situation around the world in a
sad state.

My 0.02



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