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TS President Election - An Interesting Episode

Sep 16, 2008 09:00 AM
by mkr777

Usually very little is known about the events around the President Elections
in the past. One of the interesting past elections, aside from the recent
election, where with the Internet tool we were able to get some real time
glimses, was when Ernest Wood of Seven Rays fame ran against George Arundale
who succeeded Annie Besant. Both were Englishmen and who gave their prime of
life to TS.

At the time when Annie Besant passed away, Wood was the Secretary and when
he decided to run, as a very honorable Theosophist,  immediately resigned
from the position and ran as a candidate.

Arundale won the election, which did not surprise anyone considering the
work that went on behind the scenes.

One of the most interesting episodes, soon after the election is narrated by
Wood in his book. It is as follows:

"One afternoon, as I was about to enter the bathroom to wash my hands (I had
been gardening) I was told by an inner voice to go at once to the library.
When I arrived there I found the Master standing near the table, and the
whole room throbbing ? as it appeared to me ? with his aura. He thanked me,
for himself and his colleagues, for what I had done in connection with the
election. I record. The true inwardness of it I do not know. I am quite
prepared to believe that a thought-form or entity which can be created by a
group of people, having psychic influence but no intelligence of its own,
can hover above all and impress each sensitive person according to his own
subconscious desire."

It would be interesting to find out if there was any similar incident
witnessed by the current losing candidate.


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