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Where is Elvira Carbonell?

Sep 16, 2008 08:33 AM
by mkr777

We all recall Elvira Carbonell who was the assistant to Intl Secretary and
who was at Adyar and seemed active during the nomination process of
candidature of John. To all appearances, may be she was taken advantage of
by some of those working to get John elected and she paid the heavy price of
having to leave Adyar.

Elvira seems to know first hand what went on behind the scenes and can
provide valuable information so we all can see the forces which were at play
overtly and covertly.

I have not heard anything about her whereabouts? Does anyone know where she
is and is there a contact phone #? If anyone has any information, please
share it with all us. If you do not want to post it publicly here, please
e-mail me off-list.


M K Ramadoss

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