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TS - Misleading Secrecy / Transparency - Update

Sep 15, 2008 08:39 PM
by mkr777

In the very last letter received from Mahatma KH, there is a clear warning
to Annie Besant.


>From an ordinary member's point of view, I translate it in modern vocabulary
- lack of Transparency.

In a message posted here, (see link below) I discussed its relevance to TS
today. We have not heard a single feedback from anyone of the national or
international leaders of TS till today. Silence is deafening. This could
possibly due to a complacency due to mistaken belief that it does not apply
to today's TS.
My full message is at:


When Mahatma KH, wrote those words, He may be stating a Law of Nature.
Nature's Laws have universal application and can help those who recognize it
and keep it in view in their administration of organizations.

Today, USA saw the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, one of the oldest and
largest financial institutions with wide ramifications to the entire US
financial system with repercussions world-wide.

In a TV news interview, a leading financial expert identified lack of
transparency as a leading cause. Enron, another major firm  collapsed and
ruined the lives of many due to lack of transparency of operations.

I hope TS does not fall victim to the "misleading secrecy" Law even though
some may become quite complacent and not see the full implications of this
Law, in the belief Maha Chohan's statement that " The Theosophical Society
was chosen as the cornerstone, the foundation of the future religions of
humanity" will save it.

My 0.02.


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