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Re: Theos-World Re: G. de Purucker on Adolf Hitler

Sep 05, 2008 09:06 PM
by Augoeides-222

   Knowing your interest in History here is a link to a contrasting view, also scroll down to  se the photo gallery of the Nazi's and the Catholic Priests. There used to but a photo online of Eugenio Pacelli and Hitler at the Residence giving a suitcase of money to Hitler to finance his early rise. Pacelli later became Pope Pius XII. Hmm, was Hitler a Jesuit Conspiracy? Lol!

Contrasting Argument: Why Jews didn't control the World


Catholic Church Germany


Otto von Bismark


Paul von Hindenberg


Enabling Act of 1933


Article 48 Weimar Constitution


Reichstag Fire Decree


My view is forget the psycho babble and read real events and History.


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From: "paijmanstheo" <> 
Seeing the letter dated at 14 June, 1940, can someone explain to me
what it is that is so special about Purucker's opinion as expressed in
his letter? There was Lewis Spence's 'Occult Causes of the Present
War'published the same year, and the French had already published
their speculations on Hitler in connection to an esoteric or occult
worldview since 1937. I have seen countless of late 1930's horoscopes
on Hitler published here and there in various esoteric magazines and
publications claiming the same thing. 

As such Purucker's letter is only an afterthought, an in fact
relatively late confirmation of an already established view on Hitler
by the various esoterist currents and representatives.

Purucker simply towed the accepted esoteric party line as a
Johnny-come-lately. I would have been much more suprised if this
letter was written in, say, the early 1930's.

And since the Second World War had started in 1939, I can't profess
that I am impressed by this letter. Unless we value the - always after
the facts - mechanism of antedating ones insights to give them even
more importance.



--- In, "danielhcaldwell"
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Frank R. wrote in the last week on Theos-Talk:
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> For usual texts from adepts have no zeitgeist aroma and this is the
> reason why I also to not believe in the authenticity of the alleged
> stenographic memo of de Purucker's words regarding Hitler and
> Herrmann Rauschning, which is distributed by Point Loma Publications.
> The day when this text comes out as authentic, I'll say theosophy
> goodbye.
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> I give below a LINK to a photographic facsimile of what Frank 
> describes as "the alleged stenographic memo of de Puruckers words 
> regarding HItler":
> See facsimile of the letter in question at:
> A relevant note of information concerning this letter is as follows:
> "...Elsie Savage Benjamin was dePurucker's secretary from when he 
> became leader in 1929 to his death in 1942 and ... literally ALL of 
> his correspondence was done by dictation e.g. spoken to Elsie, taken 
> down in shorthand and typed out by her, brought back to him to read 
> and then sent out...."
> For even more background information, see the article titled "Hitler, 
> Nazism, and Theosophy" by Ken Small in May 2006 Issue of THEOSOPHY 
> See the article at this URL:
> Daniel


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