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HPB's article entitled KARMIC VISIONS & Frank's relevant comments

Sep 05, 2008 02:05 PM
by danielhcaldwell

On Mon Feb 21, 2005, I posted the following on Theos-Talk:

HPB's article entitled KARMIC VISIONS & Frank's relevant comments   

First, the extract from HPB's article titled KARMIC VISIONS
where she writes:

A hideous dream detaches itself from a group of
passing visions, and alights heavily on his aching
chest. The night-mare shows him men, expiring on the
battle field with a curse on those who led them to their
destruction. Every pang in his own wasting body brings
to him in dream the recollection of pangs still
worse, of pangs suffered through and for him. He sees
and feels the torture of THE FALLEN MILLIONS, who die
after long hours of terrible mental and physical
agony; who expire in forest and plain, in stagnant ditches
by the road-side, in pools of blood under a sky made
black with smoke. His eyes are once more rivetted to the
torrents of blood, every drop of which represents a
tear of despair, a heart-rent cry, a life-long sorrow.
He hears again the thrilling sighs of desolation, and
the shrill cries ringing through mount, forest and
valley. He sees the old mothers who have lost the light
of their souls; families, the hand that fed them. He
beholds widowed young wives thrown on the wide, cold world,
and beggared orphans wailing in the streets by the
thousands. He finds the young daughters of his bravest
old soldiers exchanging their mourning garments for
the gaudy frippery of prostitution, and the Soul-Ego
shudders in the sleeping Form. . . .

...His heart is rent by the groans of the famished;
his eyes blinded by the smoke of burning hamlets,
of homes destroyed, of towns and cities in smouldering ruins. . . .

"What have they brought thee or to thy fatherland, those bloody
victories!" whispers the Soul in him. "A population clad
in iron armour," it replies. "Two score millions of men dead
now to all spiritual aspiration and Soul- life. A
people, henceforth deaf to the peaceful voice of the honest
citizen's duty, averse to a life of peace, blind to the arts
and literature, indifferent to all but lucre and ambition.
What is thy future Kingdom, now? A legion of war-puppets
as units, a great wild beast in their collectivity. A beast that,
like the sea yonder, slumbers gloomily now, but to fall with
the more fury on the first enemy that is indicated to it.
Indicated, by whom? It is as though a heartless, proud
Fiend, assuming sudden authority, incarnate Ambition and Power,
had clutched with iron hand the minds of a whole country. By
what wicked enchantment has he brought the people back to those
primeval days of the nation when their ancestors, the yellow-haired
Suevi, and the treacherous Franks roamed about in their warlike
spirit, thirsting to kill, to decimate and subject each other?
By what infernal powers has this been accomplished? Yet the
transformation has been produced and it is as undeniable as the fact
that alone the Fiend rejoices and boasts of the transformation
effected. The whole world is hushed in breathless expectation.
Not a wife or mother, but is haunted in her dreams by the
black and ominous storm-cloud that overhangs THE WHOLE
of Europe. The cloud is approaching. . . . . .It comes nearer
and nearer OH WOE AND HORROR! I foresee once more for earth
the suffering I have already witnessed. I read the
fatal destiny upon the brow of the flower of Europe's youth. . . .
[caps added]


Now, Frank's comments to me:

As you quote from HPB's article "Karmic Visions"
one could conclude that you identify Hitler in
this vision, don't?
It seem you share the same exoteric, dead letter
view that also Annie Besant held in her German
Is no other interpretation possible?
Is it not possible that HPB - limited to karmic
law to not interfere with outer incidents - used
the mystery language?
And even if your exoteric interpretation is right:
Should it not be checked by real history?

So Frank, what is your "esoteric" interpretation
of what HPB writes? Here is your chance to give
the other side. Please do.




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