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"Hitler, Nazism, and Theosophy," by Ken Small

Aug 31, 2008 09:21 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Frank R. wrote earlier today on Theos-Talk:

For usual texts from adepts have no zeitgeist aroma and this is the 
reason why I also to not believe in the authenticity of the alleged 
stenographic memo of de Purucker's words regarding Hitler and 
Herrmann Rauschning, which is distributed by Point Loma Publications. 
The day when this text comes out as authentic, I'll say theosophy 

G. de Purucker's words on Hitler have been published in an
article titled "Hitler, Nazism, and Theosophy" by Ken Small in
May 2006 Issue of THEOSOPHY WORLD.

See the whole issue at:

I give but one extract from G. de P.'s text:

After he [Hitler] reached power, he lost his head, became ambitious, 
vain, but being an exceedingly shrewd and clever man by nature, this
combined with his astral light obsessions, produced the power
that he certainly at times shows. He has no strong moral
scruples. His mind is just one-pointed, and like all half insane
men, this gives him tremendous driving and fascinating power,
although of course the end is always disastrous.

 -- G. de Purucker on Adolf Hitler

G. de P. dictated the letter to Elsie Savage (Benjamin), his
private secretary from 1929 to 1942. 

The letterhead and date reads:


General Offices
The Leader's Office

Point Loma, California
14th June, 1940


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